2024, Bird's Nest, we are here!Landscape, gratitude to peers to welcome the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team and the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team 202
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Original title: 2024, Bird's Nest, we are here!Landscape, gratitude to peers to welcome the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team and the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team 2023 Meeting Examination Trailer

Since 2014, the last weekend of May each year belongs to the establishment of the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team.Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttle. With the firm footsteps, ten spring and autumn have not been known.

In the past ten years, under the guidance of the Civilization Office of the Haidian District of Beijing and the Civilization Practice Center in the New Era, under the leadership of the spirit of relevant documents such as the National Fitness Plan and the "cheer for the Chinese dream",In one climbing and one -time growth ", in the belief of" sharing childhood and happy growth ", every Saturday's Chinese dream climbing team insists on departure, walking outdoors, cleaning the mountains, wind and rain.With a rich experience, you can see, touch, experience, and gain, so as to break through the psychological limit of teammates, expand the thinking and pattern of teammates, to trigger teammates from the inside to the outside, live out of the life they want, And influence the people around you, you can also enjoy the joy and achievements of growth, because this persistence, this achievement, has called for the eight years of public welfare activities, Mr. Yang Xue, who has been in the public welfare activity.In support and efforts, the support and help of the Bird's Nest Cultural Center and the Shenzhou Four Sea Bird's Nest Restaurant have been called, and realized the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team to enter the Bird's Nest to host an annual meeting and teammate artistic thought in the Bird's Nest, usher in the opportunity for the Guinness records of the worldThe Chinese dream climbing team is grateful to you here!Thanksgiving, supporting and helping people from all walks of life in the Chinese dream climbing team!

In 2023, it is a year when you want to coexist with difficulties, opportunities and challenges. The fragility of everyone's hearts gets a direct stamp, which makes us clearer and clearly "who am I"?Therefore, let us be more calm and calm. Spring breeze faces every day, uses our own efforts to start the strongest brain, and to the greatest extent with our original intention.The spirit of "I want" has the fruitful results today.Here, please call for ourselves, our 2023.Because 2023 gives us a chance to grow.

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    Annual venue display

    Face -to -face with heroes, with heroes, triggering children including our own hero dream. Let's work together. This event will invite mysterious guests to help and integrate with us.Believe that their arrival will help our hero dream!

    Come in the bowl, and the glory of Shuangao gives us a more firm and stronger pattern, and use more firm steps to pursue the poem and the distance!

    Come in the bowl. This is a stage for children to show their talents. It is also the best affirmation and encouragement for them. To meet the more praise, I believe in themselves and believe in the power of believing inIntersection

    Come in the bowl, meet in the bird's nest, look back at our 2023, look forward to 2024, follow the footsteps of the motherland, go into the future, enter the new era, and cheer for the Chinese dream!

    ThemeTheMountains and rivers are grateful to travel together

    Annual meeting place:Bird's Nest Three -story Shenzhou Four Sea Bird Nest Restaurant

    Annual meeting timeTheAt 10 am on January 6, 2024, ended at 14 o'clock

    Location Map It is recommended to travel to the subway

    Annual meeting content:

    Do it yourselfMao Bi Writing Spring Festival Federation or "Fu" character +2023 Activity Photo Exhibition+Example Character Commendation+Talent Show (Classics of Chinese Studies)+My Mountaineering Story+Lottery+Bird's Nest Meal

    The general activity process of the annual meeting activities

    1, 9: 40 gathering at the Bird's Nest Cultural Center to enter the venue

    2. 10: 00, under the guidance of Teacher An Chenzhen, write the spring couplet or (blessing) to play the promotional videos of the mountaineering team and the floral fragrance of the road.

    3, 11: 00 -year meeting,

    4, 12: 00 lunch

    5, 14: 00 End of the activity

    event registration:

    1. Activity costs: 280Yuan / person

    2. Registration method:

    Register the dragon in the group, the name+number of people

    Outside WeChat 13051304404 (Li Shimin)+SMS 13051304404 (Li Shimin), registration format: name+number+mobile phone number

    Method of payingThe

    WeChat and real -name transfer, the successful payment of the payment is completed.Please indicate the name for payment.WeChat: 13051304404, Cashier: Li Shimin

    Forced insurance:

    Whether you have bought insurance by yourself.Please buy insurance uniformly, please send your name, ID number, phone number.Buy a successful text message notification.

    Annual conference event coordinated:

    Zhou Yongpeng: 13911127829

    Yang Junxiang: 13910010929

    Xue Qiang: 18510004303

    Li Shimin: 13051304404

    Ship frequency: 437625

    All the way





    Those who signed up for the event are deemed that you have read carefully, fully understand, and fully accept the following content of the following "Outdoor Activities Exemption Statement".

    Outdoor activity exemption statement: This event is a spontaneous outdoor sports group. We follow the way of traveling for environmental protection, self -service, frugality, self -service, and friendship.Regardless of the size of the activity, regardless of the long -term and short -term, those who pay for the pay for the paying point are deemed to have signed a letter of responsibility for outdoor activities.This is the protection of the leader and the responsibility to the participants.If you have any objections, please do not sign up.

    This event is a self -guided tour.Follow the principles of "self -service, mutual assistance, and environmental protection". Participants must be responsible for their safety. Accidents occur during the event. The sponsor and peers have obliged to organize rescue or change the itinerary, but they do not bear any legal and economic responsibilities.

    In the statement of the team's statement, the effect of exemption from the liability for compensation for leaders is also the same as the deputy leader, the collection team and the chief financial management and team members in the event.After the activity starts, this statement automatically takes effect and indicates that you accept this statement, otherwise, please quit before the event starts!The exemption clause is a self -service travel event. When the unpredictable factors such as accidents, sudden climate change and acute diseases cause physical damage, the team's initiator and peers have the obligation to rescue it, but if it causes irreversible reversal, it is irreversible.Damage, other members of the team are not responsible.Any team member of the team should participate in the principle of "try to rescue and risk self -responsibility".

    Anyone who registers the participants is deemed as a person who has full capacity for civil behavior. If the consequences of personal damage during the event, the team's initiator and colleagues will not bear the liability for compensation.The applicants are deemed to accept this statement.For those who sign up for others, if the person who is subject to a personal damage during the event, the leader will also not have any compensation liability.

    Before participating in the event, you must communicate with your family in advance to obtain the understanding and support of his family members.After the signature of the participants, the family members are also known and agreed, otherwise the consequences will be at their own risk.If it is a self -driving event, once a traffic accident occurs, the car ride recognizes that compensation is only accepted only within the insurance scope of the car that the car that has been insured, and no additional claim will be claimed to the owner or driver of the car.When participating in the wading activities, the participants must clearly stated whether they can swim in advance, so that the organizers and peers know; not swimming must carry the life tools by themselves,Can swim responsibility.If malicious violations of others or other criminal acts involving criminal behaviors, they must not bear the corresponding legal responsibility within the scope of the exemption.The purpose of this exemption is to once again clarify the risk of outdoor activities for the organizer and peers of the event, improve self -discipline and anti -risk capabilities, avoid some unnecessary consequences, and make outdoor activities safer and happier.

    who I am





    Introduction to the Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team

    The Chinese Dream Mountaineering Team was established in May 2014. The spontaneous mass public welfare organization was established by dozens of Zhongguancun business owners and mountaineering enthusiasts.In the spirit of "healthy, happy, tough, and aggressive", unite the vast mountain climbing enthusiasts, serve mountaineering enthusiasts, and strive to build a happy family of hiking enthusiasts.Under the guidance of the Civilization Committee of Haidian District and the New Era Civilization Practice Center, under the concept of "one climbing, one practice; sharing childhood, happy growth", we adhere to the theme of "growth and environmental protection" and insist on departure every Saturday.Over the past seven years, a total of 400 times such asHundreds of miles, clean mountains, etc.Inspirational La practice activities, tens of thousands of miles.A total of more than 20,000 people participated in various activities, including more than 4,000 children and nearly 5,000 families.There are countless clean mountains, picking up tens of thousands of plastic bottles.Contribute to the green mountains and green water.To this end, the third quarter of Haidian District was awarded the collective honor of civilization of "moving Haidian" in 2020.

    Advisory group:

    Legless Everest climbing people in China climbing home: Teacher Xia Boyu

    China's first personTheTeacher Lei Dian

    Laughing Sports Expert, Laughing Culture Communication:Teacher Xu Xiaotian

    Art director, youth painter:Teacher An Chenzhen

    Brand guideline: Teacher Yang Junxiang

    Legal consultant:Lawyer Zhang Yixian, lawyer Lu Xiaoliang, lawyer Pan Yuexiu

    Our team:

    Chinese Dream Handan Mountaineering Team Captain: Miao Wensheng WeChat: Miao534995746

    Captain Datong Mountaineering Team of the Chinese Dream:Yan QinshuWeChat:yxs18035272013

    Welcome climbing enthusiasts across the country to actively participate in the "Chinese Dream Climbing Team" activities, and provide effective fitness interactive platforms for the vast number of mountaineering enthusiasts across the country.Those climbing enthusiasts elsewhere are willing to form a mountaineering team, and can contact Li Shimin (13051304404).

    Once climbing, one practice!Caring for yourself can you better care for others. The love buried in the heart is not love. The love you give is love.Give out our love!

    The Chinese dream climbing team is a harmonious family with love, dedication, responsibility, pioneering, non -abandoning, and not abandoning.

    Achieve self, harmonious families, harmonious society, walk together, work together to be healthy and happy, cheer for the Chinese dream!Intersection





    Once climbing, growing at a time

    Welcome to the Chinese dream climbing team