Ignore the "Iranian agent" warning, the U.S. military came to docking?Allies reacted, beyond Bayon's expectation
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It is not difficult to find that the situation in Pakistani is developing in the direction that is unfavorable to Israel, which makes the United States very anxious. As an important fulcrum of the Middle East strategy in the United States, Israel is only a matter of time in Israel, and the US Middle East strategy fails.Still decided to end in person.Recently, in order to avoid transit the Red Sea ships, the United States has been attacked by Hussean forces, and has formed a multi -nation -to -sea coalition for many countries called the "Prosperous Guard" with Britain, France, Canada and other countries.Obviously, the United States just wants to bring my younger brothers to support Israel in the Middle East and enhance their sense of presence in the Red Sea. What the United States thinks is really beautiful, but the question is, is it really so smooth?Of course, there are at least three places, which is unexpected.

The first is the Hassas forces.After the outbreak of the Palestinian -Israeli conflict, the Hassas armed forces used operations to support Hamas and Palestine. The opportunity to form the maritime coalition forces in the United States this time was the radical operation of Hussean armed in the Red Sea.During this time, Hussean armed for many times in the Red Sea area, attacking vessels related to Israel with missiles and drones, resulting in a number of shipping companies called the Red Sea route.Facing the US military pressure, the Hussean armed forces did not mean to concession, and let go, the multinational coalition formed by the United States could not prevent their attacks.Why is the Hassas armed so rigid?Because they also have a name "Iranian agent", and Iran is rare in the world. It is really dare to do it to the United States, so the hard and rigidity of Husserl is difficult to understand.The multi -country maritime coalition was "beaten" by thousands of miles.

Secondly, the United States was set up by the allies. On the second day when the United States announced the establishment of a multi -nation -maritime coalition forces, the Spanish Department of Defense publicly denied the participation of the operation.As a member of NATO, Spain is closely linked to the United States in the field of politics, economy and military, but it does not give the United States as so on.In several other countries, I did not go anywhere. Canada sent only three staff members, the Netherlands is even smaller, and may only send two staff members. The United Kingdom, France, and Italy are not very active. They only send one warship.The allies have a stance of soy sauce. The United States really can't say it, so the "beating" mentioned earlier is not groundless.Finally, it is the evaluation of the outside world. With the banner of protecting the Red Sea navigation, the United States has established a multi -nationally coalition forces active in the Middle East, but none of the Middle East powers joined, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.