Cross -border e -commerce 2023: In the first year of the four small dragons of the sea, the world began to know Chinese e -commerce
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The well -known third -party data agency Marketplace Pulse wrote in the "Review of 2023" report that Chinese companies published in the two stages of Chinese companies: "Made in China" sold to overseas markets by large overseas retailers, and Chinese seller themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves.Selling Chinese products overseas at the end.

In 2023, the third iteration of Chinese enterprises went to sea.This segmentation line is a "four little dragons" represented by SHEIN, AliExpress Aliexpress, TEMU, and Tiktok Shop.

With the "Four Little Dragons", it is a new model of controversial- "full custody", which is also the most frequent keyword of the cross -border circle in 2023.

In the past, Chinese sellers "fight alone" and work silently on overseas platforms such as Amazon and eBay.Under the "full custody" model, "Four Follows of the Sea" took over payment, logistics, warehousing, operation, etc., in the past, letting the seller call the tedious process, and the seller's focus returned to R & D and production.

On the other hand, although the compliance requirements of Chinese enterprises in the international market are constantly tightening, holding a high -quality supply chain, "Go to the Sea Four Dragons" set up logistics infrastructure, rely on "low -cost" siege, and use "traffic thinking" to make big users as big users as users.plate.In the global e -commerce market of the giant Lin Li, they still went out of their own differentiated positions, and turned into the "good heart" of global e -commerce users.

According to, November 19th -25th, 2023, the IOS Global Shopping APP use behavior, Amazon ranked first, and followed by SHEIN, TEMU and Ali Sales.On the same list in January this year, these three Chinese companies ranked 2nd, 10th, and 8th.

Finally, the "Four Little Dragons" waved to say goodbye to the days when the global cross -border e -commerce dragon heads such as Amazon and EBAY, and continued to return to their own advantages, and entrusted Chinese factories and Chinese sellers to open Europe, Latin America, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, JapanHan and other new worlds of the new world.

The brand factory invested a major event worthy of attention in the 2023 cross -border circle, which is convenient for readers to understand.

At the beginning of the year, it became a low -key group, and at the end of the year, "kill the Quartet" at the end of the year

On March 23, 2023, TIKTOK CEO Zhou was funded to attend the US Congress hearing to deal with a series of questions such as US user data security and adolescent psychological health.This is the first time Tiktok CEO has appeared at the US Congress hearing.On the other side, the states in the United States are initiating the Tiktok bill.

On the same day, Brazil, also in Brazil in mainland America, a number of Brazilian retailers such as Magazine Luiza and Americanas, to believe in the Brazilian Post Office through local retail industry associations (IDVs), condemned SHEIN, Aliram Tong, Meike, Shopee and other e -commerce platforms.In occupational in the Brazil market, they tried to intervene in Brazil's tariff policy and changed the cross -border parcel tax exemption policy below $ 50.

The time was called again. Around November 2022, the main position was also placed in the Shein of North America. At this time, the valuation was approaching $ 140 billion; however, because of ESG and labor problems, shein was caught in the vortex of public opinion.

This is the beginning of 2023, and everything looks crumbling.One obvious signal is: the international market's compliance requirements for Chinese companies are constantly tightening, and many Chinese cross -border enterprises have pinched sweat at the time.

But no one expected that the level that seemed incredible at the beginning of the year had been solved by the end of the year.

Two months after the Brazilian tax changed boots landed, AliExpress took the lead in winning the "Tax Compliance Program" license and launched the Pakistani taxes and fees in October.Plan.The US state's ban on Tiktok was banned at the end of the year. The Tiktok Shop Indonesian site, which was forced to shut down in October, also returned in early December.

The passage opens, the end of the year's Black Five Promotion and Overseas Double 11, "Four Little Dragons" launched a "fierce attack".

TEMU started the earliest.The five major promotion began on October 20, lasting for 47 days; Tiktok Shop followed closely, starting on October 27, lasting for 35 days; SHEIN's promotion time has continued from November 6 to continued to continued to continued to until November 6th continued to continued to continued to until November 6 to continue to until it continued to until November 6 to continue to until it continued to until November 6 to continue to until it continued to until November 6 to continue to until it continued to until November 6 to continue to to continues to the end of it to the continuation of it to the continuation of the promotion to the 6th to the continued to the November 6In early December.

In terms of pricing, during the Black Five period, TEMU hung a "price reduction 90%" banner on the homepage, and launched policies such as the $ 200 voucher for each account to issue a $ 200 voucher + free 3 -piece products, and the purchase of $ 0.1 free shipping.SHEIN also has an eye -catching position on its official website and APP, and hung up the promotional guidance of "UP TO 90% Off"; not only that, according to "Late" report, this year, SHEIN requires that some of the same product prices must not be higher than TEMU.Otherwise, the supplier will be replaced immediately, or a certain amount of purchase subsidies will be issued.Tiktok Shop, which participated in the Black Five Congress for the first time, provided double -end subsidies for users and merchants, and launched preferential policies such as commodity discounts, resource positions and traffic support.

The new way of "volume" with the high -promoting almighty stores.The five major blacks' promotion of the traditional Black, AliExpress combined overseas 11 and black and five, so it was possible to catch a large wave of demand before the Black Five.In addition, it has made addition in the dimensions of stocking, performance, shopping gameplay.In the preheating phase of overseas Double 11, AliExpress cooperated with rookie and upgraded the time limit for performance; in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium, Choice "Five Days" services, Poland, France, South Korea and other nineNational consumers can enjoy free delivery rights for all products.

In recent years, Speed Touch has been actively promoting the major promotion of Double 11-Black Five Doubles

Relying on the long -term cable and launching low prices / discount activities to improve local payment and logistics infrastructure, the "four dragons out of the sea" black five performed brightly.

In the week of the Black Five Promotion, the total GMV of Tiktok Shop's US station increased by 131%month -on -month, and November 24th GMV exceeded 33 million US dollars.The preferential stocks of the Speed Stock Exchange rookie have increased by 10 times compared with last year. Hangzhou warehouse, Dongguan Cang and Shandong Cang stocking products have grown significantly.

Not only has the performance doubled, but "Four Little Dragons" also began to emerge in the major lists, and turned into the "good heart" of global e -commerce users.

On November 19th -25, 2023, the iOS global shopping APP use of the iOS Global Shopping APP, Amazon ranked first, followed by SHEIN, TEMU and AliExpress.On the same list in January this year, these three companies ranked 2nd, 10th, and 8th.

In January and November of this year, the ranking of the "Four Little Dragons" and Amazon's market penetration rate changed, source: Data.AI

The rise of the new forces, Amazon, a global e -commerce company, who was originally idle, also quietly entered the new field.Not only is it rare to extend the Black Five Corporation -the US and European District activities starting from November 17, which lasted 11 days; Amazon also joined hands with META for social e -commerce to take the initiative to reduce the commission of low -customer single clothing sellers.

The twists and turns started, and the "Four Little Dragons went out of the sea" highlighted the siege in the global e -commerce industry in the giant, approaching the dragon step by step.

Not only North America, "Four Little Dragons" stir up Japan and South Korea, Europe, and Latin American e -commerce

In February 2023, TEMU threw $ 14 million in the U.S. Super Bowl, playing the slogan "Shopping like a billionaire".It hopes to "create a carnival" to complete the overseas first show, which eventually attracted 426,000 people to download its app.

Tiktok Shop is the strongest content attributes on the emerging platform.A TIKTOK early employee said that when Tiktok decided to do e -commerce on the first day, what he wanted to do was the US market most.Therefore, some manpower from Brazil and Southeast Asian sites have made every effort to impact the US market.However, when it was clearly established around September 2020, one asked Tiktok to remove the shelves in the United States and issued an administrative order from the parent company.As a last resort, Tiktok Shop moved to Indonesia.

The unit price and mature e -commerce supporting logistics / payment ecology of the US market constitute its huge attractiveness.In the 1990s, the first -generation e -commerce platforms such as Amazon and EBAY were born here.Since then, eBay has continued to optimize the platform's operation ecology from the perspective of pricing and ranking. Amazon has continuously optimized user experience around logistics, payment, low prices, etc. They jointly cultivate the North American e -commerce market and open the way for countless latecomers.

But the fact is that to this day, Amazon's dominant position in the North American e -commerce market is still unshakable.

From the perspective of market share, according to Emarketer data, in 2022, Amazon accounted for 37.8%of the US online retail market share, which is 6 times the second Wal -Mart and 40 times TEMU.

From the perspective of online conversion transactions, in September 2023, the TEMU conversion rate was 4.6%, Shein was 4.7%, and Amazon reached 11.8%.By October, the Temu and Shein conversion rates remained at 4.5%and 4.1%, and Amazon rose to 56%.A study from Similarweb showed that 90 % of the visitors on Temu and Shein website were "walking horse -seeing flowers" and could not be converted into actual orders.

Market share and transaction conversion rates are far less than Amazon.In North America, "Four Little Dragons" can actually only eat an online retail market with no more than 10%.This also led to constant lawsuits between Shein and Temu.

But as a latecomer, the vitality and creativity of "Four Little Dragons" cannot be underestimated.Some of them quickly realized that instead of doing stock competition in North America, it is better to put an angle to Japan, South Korea, Latin America, Europe and other new markets.

When Temu entered the venue, the other three in the "Four Follows of the Sea" have gradually begun to move to a new market outside North America.

Among the "Four Dragons Out of the Sea", AliExpress has the deepest layout in the new market. In March of this year, AliExpress began to advertise intensively overseas.

On March 9, the AliExpress held the first overseas conference since its establishment in Seoul. The official announcement actor Ma Dongxi was the first spokesperson for his first spokesperson; as soon as the news came out, the Sino -Korean social media set off a wave of "changing Ma Dong for Madong to change Ma Dong.Tin avatar "hot.

After the spokesperson for AliExpress Matthew Ma Dongxi, it set off a "change of Ma Dongxi's avatar in the AliExpress Shopping Club"

"Speed Tower on the Internet with the Internet, and Metro Advertising allows Korean consumers to know the Chinese brand. The densely intensive advertisement in March has just helped us enter the local consumer market." Luo Ting, the head of the coffee emerging brand MHW-3BOMber, once said to the media.In March, the promotion of March, the brand's hundreds of new products inventory were instantly emptied.

South Korea is not a small market. As the fifth largest e -commerce market in the world, the size of the Korean e -commerce market in 2022 is almost equivalent to the entire Southeast Asian market.The Korean e -commerce market competition has been very fierce, but in 2023, AliExpress has been stable and fierce with various localized construction, and has won this high potential market.

At the end of October 2023, the number of fast -selling companies surpassed the Korean e -commerce giant GMARKET, and for the first time, it ranked among the top three Korean comprehensive e -commerce companies.According to statistics from WiseApp, Retail, and GOODS during the same period, the number of users has soared to 6.13 million in October, an increase of nearly 3 times in 3 years. It is the most favorite cross -border e -commerce APP for Koreans.

So far, it has good results in markets such as Latin America, West France, and the Middle East.In September 2023, the penetration of AliExpress in the Spanish e -commerce market reached 38%.

Shein also disclosed its Latin American detailed factory plan for the first time in March this year: In the next five years, it has established cooperation with 2,000 textile factories in Brazil to create 100,000 jobs and invest in $ 148 million for factories construction and personnel training.

Four months later, shein ushered in the first Brazilian production factory -Coteminas, located in the clothing industry in Northeast Brazil, and Coteminas, Oglangd.Today, its supply chain construction plan in Turkey, Mexico and other places has entered the landing stage; at the same time, high -end attempts to transform high -end in core markets such as North America and Europe have not interrupted, and the news of brand acquisitions has been frequently spread.

Tiktok Shop, which frequently frustrated in North America, has no scenery after turning to Indonesia.According to the brand factory, after the launch of Indonesia, Tiktok Shop live broadcast and carried out the excellent anchor of more than 7 million e -commerce content creators in Indonesia, with a revenue of up to 50,000 to 60,000 US dollars.After the shutdown in October, the Tiktok Shop US station was re -launched, and the Indonesian site announced in December.According to FastMoss data, in early November, Tiktok Shop's single -day transaction volume has exceeded $ 10 million.

The latter TEMU actually launched the Canadian site and the two major sites in the southern hemisphere in the South Hemisphere of Australia and New Zealand before completing the first show.

"Four Dragons Out of the Sea" each advantage market and model characteristics

How will the 2024 industry roll?Three keywords: hosting, logistics, new markets

"Four Four Dragons in the Sea" expand the soil in the new market, which is inseparable from the new model of "full custody".

"The so -called full hosting is warehouse custody, performance custody, settlement custody, and traffic custody. Small and medium sellers cannot solve it, or the efficiency is very low.An industry person explained to the brand factory.

In September 2022, the TEMU's full hosting model was born. This is a model that traffic, performance, and payment are completed by the platform. The seller only needs to supply.Immediately after, in December of that year, the AliExpress followed up the full hosting.SHEIN's third -party sellers launched in May this year are open to the platform, which also follows the complete hosting model of self -employment period. Tiktok also invested a project team code -named "S" and officially launched a full custody in May this year.

"Four Little Dragons" have their own heads.Shein is extremely in -depth to the digital transformation and quality control of the supply chain.Open front -end trend trends insight and logistics and marketing capabilities have changed the rhythm of traditional monthly / quarterly to produce.After SHEIN joined, the scale of many industrial belt owners has continued to fission, and has the ability to open models and design from the source; at the same time, countless traditional sellers quickly completed the transformation and step forward to find their long -term and stable growth of growth.model.

Unlike other platforms, many sellers think that the full -scale full -scale custody will be slightly "temperature".A Shenzhen seller once said that the biggest difference between AliExpress and other platforms is that Primary School will be more willing to spend time on sellers."Speedliner's offline service focus 'belonging to the local two' team managers, mostly from the" Iron Army 'in the beginning of Alibaba'. Some people even have more than 20 years of offline merchants docking experience and in the local industrial circle.Small and famous. "Because of more in -depth communication, AliExpress is not so strong in" pricing power "."Both parties are more willing to find a balance between 'gross profit' and 'market'."

"Four Dragons Out of the Sea" full hosting mode comparison

In addition to model innovation, another main assignment made by "Four Four Dragons" in the new market is to strengthen local infrastructure based on its own director and strengthen the local infrastructure.

There is no need to repeat the strength of Shein and TEMU. One is the digitalization of the supply chain and strong marketing, and the other is to play low -priced minds.Based on this, SHEIN has almost taken down the country's best -quality clothing supply chain resources; TEMU relies on low -cost minds to strongly take down Japan, the highest monthly market in the United States and Europe.

In contrast, AliExpress is the only "self -built logistics" platform in "Four Dragons of the Sea".In September 2023, AliExpress and Cainiao announced the official launch of the "Global 5 Day" International Express products, and took the lead in landing in five countries in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Korea.In June, he also upgraded Weihai Warehouse and Yantai Warehouse, which is located in Shandong, which is facing the Korean market, with a total expansion of more than 30,000 square meters. 

In terms of large flow, some people in the industry revealed that TEMU may be on the super bowl again next year; AliExpress will also make large -scale advertising in markets such as South Korea and Europe next year.

But for "four small dragons out of the sea", new topics have followed.Taking Tiktok Shop as an example, although it brought social e -commerce to overseas for the first time, and relying on strong traffic thinking, it is expected to use the user to achieve 1.9 billion this year.But on the other hand, advertising and live broadcast are the main way for Tiktok Shop sellers to realize transformation; it is understood that 80%GMV currently from Tiktok Shop in the United States is from Daren short videos.

In February this year, Tiktok Shop launched the Tiktok Mall in Thailand and the Philippines to launch "shelf e -commerce".Obviously, how to convert huge traffic into business, at the same time, how to make up the course of logistics performance, compliance, and platform ecological governance from the new land, is the road where Tiktok Shop is taking.

But no matter how the environment changes and how the reality is "forced", there is nothing to get to get the footsteps.

It is foreseeable that in the new year, the battlefield of "four dragons out of the sea" is not only in North America, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and Latin America.What increments do they find?What will happen to us?The possibility is still hidden in the "Four Dragon" overseas journey.

With the end of the first year of "Four Follows of the Sea", the global tour of Chinese e -commerce has just begun.