Xie Qingshuai live broadcast for the first time. Now the mother’s account has become a savior. Jiang is still the old spicy broadcast article.
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On December 23,breaking news website Xie Qingshuai opened his first live broadcast.

In the process of looking for children in the past years, because of the experience of suffering in the past, because of the experience of suffering, it has become the focus of media attention. Especially after finding the child, the tearfulness recognition ceremony will soon become the object of concern to the entire network.Essence

Because of the huge attention, after finding these family -looking families to find their children, they quickly became a highly popular Internet celebrity. Whether it was Sun Haiyang or Guo Gangtang, etc., too many members of the family -looking family were found to be a child.Taking advantage of the popularity, they all enter the field of live broadcast and cargo.

Xie Qing's handsome family recognition ceremony has created an unprecedented popularity. After all, there is a billionaire's father Xie Kefeng, which makes them look different.

In less than a month, Xie Qingshuai reached more than 3 million fans. This super popularity would be excited to put it on anyone.

Xie Qingshuai's first live broadcast, although small problems emerged endlessly, did not prevent him from high popularity. According to the media broke, Xie Qing Shuai's first live broadcast net income can reach 5 million yuan. In addition, there are still live broadcast rooms.Many netizens who brush gifts are also a considerable income.

Who would have thought that at the acknowledgment ceremony, Jie Kefeng promised to buy a luxury car for his son. Xie Qingshuai said that he would buy with his own ability. Now that he has done it in less than a month, he really did it.

Although Xie Qingshuai made a lot of money for the first time, there was also a bad news that it was because it was blocked by the live broadcast room with the regulations.

Although there was a problem with Xie Qinghua's account, he also had a life -saving straw, that is, to continue the live broadcast with his mother's account, netizens' gifts once again filled the entire screen.

Many netizens said that they didn't understand it at first. After the return of the Qing Shuai, the eldest brother and mother, each account, was actively posted a video to increase the fan. Now I finally know why this is done.

Some netizens even felt that Xie Fengfeng was deserved to do business and was very mindful. After the son returned, he cultivated multiple accounts with heart.Fans are also proud of their heroes.

Today, the account of Xie Qingshuai cannot be broadcast live for the time being. At least with the reserve candidate, then you can use the mother's account. If the mother's account is wrong, you can also use the big brother's account.Essence

Of course, there are many people who are right and wrong. Xie Qingshuai lived for the first time. Because of making too much money, it also triggered a lot of unfriendly spit comments. Many people could not understand those who brushed gifts.Rich second generation brush gifts.

In fact, brushing gifts is a personal wish. Everyone has the freedom of everyone. Perhaps the person who brushed the gift just saw the family's joy and was moved by this family atmosphere.Wishes.