Finland is reduced to "cannon fodder". The US military base is repaired at the door of Russia's house. The new battlefield is coming.
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In recent times, the United States and Western assistance to Ukraine have become less and less.Some time ago, the United States used 175 million US dollars to pass Zelezki.Seeing that the Russian conflict is about to end. As a result, the United States still remember to eat or not, and lift the country as a cannon fodder, and continue to fight with Russia.

According to a number of media reports, Finland has recently announced that it is necessary to sign a defense agreement with the United States to allow U.S. forces to station and train in Finland and also allow the U.S. military to deploy military materials in Finland in advance.Not only that, Finland will also open 15 facilities and regions to the United States.It is no exaggeration to say that this is no different from the United States directly to have 15 military bases in Finland.

It is worth mentioning that in the Finnish Minister of Defense Hailong, the agreement between Finland and the United States did not rule out the possibility of the United States deploying nuclear weapons.Since there is no ban on nuclear weapons, other advanced fighters and missiles will not be prohibited.In other words, the next United States is likely to "make a big face" to Russia.

To be honest, the most essential reason for the Russian and Ukraine conflict is that Russia should prevent NATO from eastward expansion.As a result, the other side of Ukraine is going to exit, but the moth is out of Finland.In fact, before the conflict between Finland, it was not NATO countries.It was not until April this year that Finland officially joined NATO.This is not good news for Russia.

Finland's covenant is almost equal to the two most densely populated population in Russia, the two most developed economic and technological economies. Moscow and St. Petersburg directly face face to face with NATO's military power.At the same time, the military land of Garrintle was also embarrassed.

So far, Russia has a total of 4 outlets, corresponding to it, Russia has the "four major fleets".Among them, the northern fleet that can be called the "Ace" is just stationed in Murmansk.The key question is that Murmansk is close to Finland.

Therefore, the United States directly nailed the throat of the Russian North Fleet.Through military cooperation with military Finland, the Russian Fleet is monitored at close, all -weather, and 24 hours.As long as the northern fleet moves slightly, the United States can quickly respond.Even NATO, and even the United States can block the Baltic Sea at any time, making Russian warships unable to enter and exit.

This is of course not good for Russia, but as far as the current situation is, the Russian -Ukraine conflict is over, and several military bases are placed there.It is not so much a military base as an intelligence base.As for the military level, unless the United States is an iron -hearted and Russian hard bar.Otherwise, this Finnish military base plays a deterrent role.

To put it bluntly, a Ukraine has almost suck the United States and the West, not to mention that Pakistani is behind.For the United States and the West, the most important thing is the "painless end" Russia -Ukraine conflict, not continuing to be with Russian head iron.It is clear that the establishment of a military base in Finland is obvious that the West is paved with the end of the Russian -Ukraine conflict.

To be honest, this Russian -Ukraine conflict was only European.Russia resisted the entire West in the United States with its own power.After this Russian conflict, Russia's economy was getting stronger and stronger.After the end, there will be a long period of rest.But in order to so -called "security", Europe "opened the door" to the United States.Now Finland's hand has made another gap between Russia and Europe.For security, this NATO cannot be retired.Macron and others have no need to think about the "European integration" that people and others are thinking, and they can only pick up the United States for cheap.Even China has not intervened in the Russian -Ukraine conflict, and it has indirectly become a winner.