Discover disruptive technology to cultivate forward -looking talents
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Original title: Discovering subversive technology Cultivation of forward -looking talents

□ Our reporter Cai Yanwen Zhang Xuan Yang Yizhen Zhang Lin

To develop future industries, it is necessary to discover disruptive technology and cultivate forward -looking talents.The Provincial Department of Science and Technology has provided youth science and technology leaders with "training grounds" for young scientific and technological talents through the provincial youth science and technology talent innovation topics, provincial industry forward -looking and key technological research and development projects, and provincial frontier leading technological research major projects.Jiangsu University is also actively cultivating and reserving future scientific and technological talents, making it an active factors for new productive forces.

New "Climbing" special,

Create the "Youth Hundred People" to draw the tip team

Young scientific and technological talents who have the courage to explore new areas and dare to open up new tracks are the "vital army" of scientific and technological innovation.

Tan Hairen, a professor at the School of Modern Engineering and Applied Sciences of Nanjing University after the 85th, welcomed the "big harvest" of scientific research this year: the seventh time to break the world record of photoelectric conversion efficiency, related results were selected as the "Top Ten Chinese Science Progress of China in 2022" of the Ministry of Science and Technology.The "Renshuang Light Energy" founded the world's first large -scale full -area full -scale battery -layer battery R & D line and China trial mass production line ...

"Full perovskite layer solar cells have the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, which are important development directions of the next generation of photovoltaic technology." Tan Hairen said that in this direction, he returned to Nanjing University from Canada in 2018 to set up a team to set up a team to form a team.Carry out relevant basic research and application research.

After five years of returning to China, the fruit is full of fruit, and behind it is the continuous support of various national and provincial research plans.

"Shortly after returning to China, I was funded by the Jiangsu Youth Fund, which played a vital role in my scientific research. It can be said that it was" giving charcoal in the snow "." Tan Hairen said.After that, the team successively obtained the funding of the major research and development plan projects led by the frontier leading technical research in Jiangsu Province and jointly funded by the Ministry of Ministry of the Ministry of Ministry. Core key technology. Based on the results of the early basic research, we achieved the transformation of more than 10 patented technological achievements and created the "Renshuo Light Energy", which accelerated the industrialization process of my country's new types of perovskite ore ore photovoltaic technology. "

"Talents are the source of living water to promote scientific and technological innovation and promote productivity. Young science and technology talents are the most innovative group." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology said that in the process of seeking "new" "quality", the provincial science and technologyThe hall will continue to increase their support for young scientific and technological talents, "set up ladders" for them, promote their early results in the golden period of creativity, and pick up beams and protagonists in major scientific and technological tasks.

Recently, the "Jiangsu Province's Enhanced Basic Research Action Plan" was issued, and the "Creating the Top Subjects of the Young Hundreds'" and "Continuous Implementation of Youth Science and Technology Talent Innovation Topics" was included in 18 main tasks.The Provincial Department of Science and Technology has a new "climbing" special, focusing on supporting outstanding young scientists under 35 years of age and development potential to give 5 to 8 years long -term support;Fund and youth fund projects, focus on scientific research.

Grasp the starting point of "new",

Reserve future science and technology talents

The starting point is "new", the key is "quality", which is "productive forces".The connotation of "new" is in the process of continuous evolution, which requires us to continue to reserve scientific and technological talents of "new".

In September this year, the Future Technology College of Southeast University ushered in the first 50 undergraduate freshmen, and their professional directions were all "future robots".These 50 students were selected from two -way selection and from nearly a thousand students. They were highly hoped.

Wei Haikun, Dean of the School of Automation of Southeast University, told reporters that Dongda University is the first university in the country to open a "future robot" cross -disciplinary undergraduate major. It will face national strategic requirements, focusLeading talents engaged in technological innovation.

"The formation of new productivity is a dynamic process. For example, my country's industrial transformation and upgrading will go through a longer process. This process will be widely used to various types of advanced robots. We are Cultivate talents and overcome technology. "Wei Haikun further explained that the current cutting -edge" future robot "research is a variety of robots in extreme environments and complex scenes, such as deep -sea robots," moon "," exploring fire "unmanned cars, unmanned cars, unmanned cars, Medical micro -nano robots, "In the future, maybe you can use micro -nano robots to enter the human body to clean up thrombosis and open up the blocking blood vessels."

In the basic teaching laboratory of the "Future Science and Technology Innovation Center" of the Future Campus of Suzhou University, Li Jie, a 2022 -level robot engineering major, is debugging the "Multi -freedom flexible hand" project model."This project was completed with my mentor and senior. It mainly studies flexible electronic skin, which can complete flexible interaction to put it on the robot.The robotic hand draws a "victory" gesture.

As the first university campus named after "the future", the college of the Future Campus of Suzhou University is also full of "future sense"."The campus includes the School of Science and Engineering in the future, as well as the International Innovation Pharmaceutical College of International Innovation Pharmaceuticals jointly founded by Suzhou University and the Royal Surgery College of Ireland.Open 6 undergraduate majors including artificial intelligence, data science and big data technology, integrated circuits and integrated systems, robot engineering, mechanical electronic engineering, and statistics. "Most teachers of the college are newly introduced strategic scientists and pole with academic reputation.Young talents with potential. We hope to cultivate outstanding innovative talents facing future outstanding innovative talents through cross -fusion of innovative talent training models. "

Reform talent training model,

For new quality productive forces

In response to the trend of strategic emerging industries and future industrial development, Jiangsu University is exploring and reforming new models of scientific and technological talent training in the future to provide strong talent support for the cultivation of new productivity.

As one of the first 12 future technical colleges in the country, the Future Technical College of Southeast University is trying to build a "Talent Training Reform Demonstration Zone"."In the future, the robotics majors are not only for Southeast University, but also to explore the cross -disciplinary majors of universities across the country." Wei Haikun said that in the latest general undergraduate professional catalog released by the Ministry of Education, the first cross -engineering professional class is added under the gate of engineering categories.The robotics majors are the first and the only major in this category."As a typical cross -disciplinary major, in the future, robots involve automation, machinery, information, electronics, computers, artificial intelligence, materials and other fields.The knowledge of multiple disciplines is a very big challenge to our teaching. "

Wei Haikun said that in the future, the robotics major breaks the previous curriculum system and teaching mode, and selects a high -quality teacher team from various relevant colleges of the school to form a curriculum group to "tailor -made" training programs for students of the major.Key knowledge points, reorganize textbooks, lectures, experiments, etc. that are suitable for future robots, which are equivalent to reshaping the entire course system.At the same time, recruit top talents from global recruitment robots to enrich teachers, implement the mentor system, and conduct in -depth research -based learning methods based on large engineering, large projects, and complex issues, and lay the foundation for students to explore cutting -edge research in the future.

According to Wang Jin, deputy dean of the Future Science and Engineering School of Suzhou University, an important part of the formation of new productive productivity is scientific and technological innovation. This requires integrating scientific and technological innovation resources, including science and education resources of colleges and universities, and cultivating "innovative thinking", "innovative ability""Talents."Every year, we will carry out the" New Engineering "cross -integration and innovation project. Last year, 86 scientific research projects were released, attracting 239 students to participate, and 98 projects were added this year.The reform of the training model and system mechanism will provide good models and conditions for the cultivation of cross, integration, and innovative talents.