December 21 The Evening News reads the world in a word
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  1. The Ministry of National Defense: The 22nd round of strategic consultations of the Chinese and Russian armed forces were held.

  2. Focus: From January 1, 2024, my country's adjustment and export tariffs are adjusted.

  3. Follow: The Ministry of Education, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Women's Federation jointly issued a joint document to increase the "Internet celebrity" toys and student stationery spot checks and inspections.

  4. Emergency Management Department: 1335,000 central disaster relief supplies completed the unloading of the truck, and 2,000 pieces were arrived immediately.

  5. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural: The number of porpoons has stopped falling, and the biological resources of the Yangtze River have resumed.

  6. Central Meteorological Observatory: The central and eastern regions gradually recovered after the 25th, and the temperature in the northern region will rise to close or high.

  7. International: The Israeli military claims that Hamas has controlled Hamas's "power center" in Gaza City.

  8. Foreign media: Britain will return to "Horizon Europe" and "Copernicus" projects.

  9. Japanese media: Japanese people oppose the Fukuoka High Court's judgment on the US military in Japan.

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