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According to CCTV news reports,Hot discussion information website according to the Iraqi military sources, it is revealed thatIn the early morning of January 1, local time, the Assad Air Force Base, located in Anbar, Western Iraq, was attacked by a drone.The drone was shot down by the air defense system, and the attack did not cause casualties or damage to facilities.

In addition, on the evening of December 31, 2023, the Iraqi militia armed "Islamic Resistance Organization" issued a statement saying that the organization launched an unmanned by a military base near the Elbel Airport of Kurdle Autonomous Region, northern Iraq that day.Attack.

According to the reference news, it quoted the Russian satellite agency reported on January 1 that a local source told the satellite on December 31 thatTwo U.S. bases in Hassek Province in Northeast Syria were hit.

The source said: "Several rockets fell near the residential building in the Jabas Oilfield in Shedadi. This oil field was used by the U.S. military as a military base."

The source also said that the U.S. military base at Halabalgill Airport at Haraka Province was also hit by drones.

It is reported that since the this round of Pakistani conflict has intensified, the U.S. military has often been hit at the bases of Iraq and Syria, and the Shiites armed organizations in Iraq have announced their responsibility.

According to Tas Society reported on December 31, Iraq's "Islamic Resistance Organization" used 12 rockets to attack the US military base near Kuruku Gas Field, Erzer, Eastern Syria.The U.S. bases near the Umal oil field in eastern Syria were also attacked, and several explosions occurred near the US military base.

It is reported that the Shiite militia in Iraqi previously issued a statement on the "telegraph" social platform saying that because the United States supports Israel's invasion of Israel's invasion of Gaza and southern Lebanese, they will continue to attack the US bases in Syria and Iraq.

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