2024 will start again, how can the oversized luxury cruise ship play?
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In September this year, in order to promote the recovery of my country's international cruise industry, the Ministry of Transport issued a notice,It is required to restore international cruise transportation in Shanghai and Shenzhen cruise ports to restore international cruise transportation to the international cruise transportation of cruise ports in my countryEssenceThe Ministry of Culture and Tourism also released a list of countries and regions that resume outbound team tour before.Among them, the main destinations of the cruise routes departing from Japan and South Korea are listed.

In the context of the prosperity and recovery of the global cruise market, the demand for the cruise tourism market is becoming increasingly strong.According to data released by the International Cruise Association (CLIA), by 2027, the scale of the cruise tourism market will reach 39.5 million.Correspondingly, the global cruise capacity supply is increasingly powerful. By 2028, the global cruise fleet will add more than 60 new ships, and the total number of cruise fleets will reach 499 ships.Cruise parent ports and cruise companies in all parts of my country have frequent actions, and the international cruise market has recovered into the acceleration period.

Nevertheless, some consumers in China feel that the current supply of cruise markets is still far from the expected level.There are not many cruise ships that set off in the country and are suitable for time and high -quality experience. Many cruise ships to consumers' ideal destinations also set off from overseas.

"Ocean Spectrum" stops at Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port

Dr. Liu Zinan, a senior vice president of the Royal Caribbean Group and Chairman of AsiaSaid, according to the recovery experience in the European and American cruise ship,It is expected that the Chinese cruise market will take about one or two years to achieve a comprehensive recovery. It takes a lot of time and economic costsEssence

The Royal Caribbean is the first international cruise brand to announce the return of the Chinese market after the policy is open."Marine spectrum"From April 27, 2024, it will return to Shanghai and Hong Kong's mother port, providing 4-7 evenings to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kayama, Kagoshima, Okinawa, Jeju, Bharma, True and so on.The land vacation route on the ground has been launched on various platforms a few days ago. I believe it can become a high -quality supply of the market.

The "Marine Spectrum" is a super -grade luxury cruise ship customized by the Royal Caribbean for $ 1.25 billion for the Chinese holidays in all ages. The total tonnage is 168,000 tons, 348 meters long, 41 meters wide.Guest rooms can accommodate 5064 guests.

Under the guidance of policy guidance, the cruise industry that accelerates recovery is to return to high -quality development paths, restore China's market attraction as Asia -Pacific investment portal, and reshape market confidence.

In the first ten years of the epidemic, the Chinese cruise market has gone through the "golden development period". The international cruise header company represented by Royal Caribbean has settled in. Through high -quality product supply and a large number of markets, it has cultivated the market and attracted high -quality domestic and foreign passenger flow.Promoting the development of the industry has contributed greatly to the economic and local economy of the cruise industry chain.Visitors are the source of the cruise economy. The brands and products that can meet the needs of consumers can get the long -term firm recognition of the market.At the new market stage, it is necessary to seize the market trend, cultivate consumers' interest in cruise travel, and provide consumers with a diversified and high -quality ship and destination experience.

"Ocean Spectrum" maritime duty -free shop

Regarding the return of the Chinese cruise market, Wu Huimin, the captain of the Royal Caribbean Marine spectrum, said, "Since leaving Shanghai in January 2020, about 1,600 crew members from more than 70 countries and regions have been looking forward to returning to China from more than 70 countries and regions.The day in China to welcome Chinese and foreign tourists on the day of boarding. We have two and a half years of re -sailing experience in other Asian countries and regions, and are confident to successfully restart the benchmark cruise vacation services in the industry in China."

In October 2021, the "Ocean Spectrum" cruise ship resumed operations in Hong Kong in Hong Kong, bringing positive signals to the recovery of the Chinese cruise industry.

The Royal Caribbean Group is one of the world's leading international cruise companies and the highest market value international cruise ship group.The Royal Caribbean International Cruise Brand is currently the world's largest cruise brand, with 7 major series and 27 cruise ships.Its rich route covers 6 continents, 61 countries, and more than 240 destinations.

It is reported that the top five in the world's top ten cruise ships are currently recorded from the Royal Caribbean. The world record has been maintained for ten years.The total tonnage of the "Ocean Logo" cruise ship that will be launched in January next year will reach 250,000 tons, which will once again refresh the world record of the brand's oasis series cruise.

In the Chinese market for more than ten years, the Royal Caribbean has been committed to deploying world -class cruise ships to the Chinese market, stimulating market vitality with large ships and new ships, improving the benchmark of the cruise industry, and innovating travel vacation methods.While innovating cruise ship products to serve Chinese consumers, the Royal Caribbean also actively practiced corporate social responsibility, cultivated industry talents, promoted marine protection and sustainable development, and provided resources and support for the community in the community.

"Marine spectral number" sustainable development measure

In 2008, the Royal Caribbean Group dispatched a 78,000 -ton "Marine Welcome" cruise ship testing the Chinese market to create a record of the largest cruise ship that was suspended in China at that time.In 2009, the Royal Caribbean deployed its "Marine Mythical" cruise ship officially opened the operation of China's home port.In 2012-2013, the Royal Caribbean has successively deployed its 138,000 tons of "Marine Sailor" and "Marine Waterman" cruise ships in China Mother Port.

From 2015-2016, the Royal Caribbean once again introduced the development of Chinese cruise ships into the "new ship era" through its new series of "Marine Quantum" and "Marine Praise" cruise ships.In 2019, with the vigorous development of the Chinese cruise market for ten years, the Royal Caribbean continued the "new ship" strategy in the Chinese market.And next year, this super -grade luxury cruise ship customized for Chinese vacations for each age group will also return to Shanghai in April.

The "Marine Praise" introduced the development of Chinese cruise ships into the "New Shipping Times" with the "Ocean Quantum".

The "Ocean Spectrum" cruise ship provides as many as 33 kinds of Chinese and Western food options. Whether it is the main restaurant and a variety of sailing buffet restaurants for three meals a day, or the original Oliver Italian restaurant, or the original pure Oliver,Steak halls, Chinese hot pot, spring · Japanese cuisine and iron plate roasted restaurants, guests can enjoy global cuisine in a voyage.

"Ocean Spectrum" maritime sailing buffet restaurant

During the day, guests can board the Arctic Star that won the highest observation of the Guinness World Cruise Cruise. At the height of 91 meters from the sea level, overlooking the hull, the magnificent scenery overlooking the sea and the sky and the destination, you can also surf, parachute, rock climbing on the deck.Or play bumps, basketball, table tennis, skating, fencing, archery, e -sports and other activities at the largest indoor sports hall at the sea.

In the evening, many royal ace music dance shows have been staged in turns. The integration of high -tech and strong professional performing arts lineups, immersive scenes interpret "Silk Road", "Charm Dance" and "Spectrums", which makes guests look like Broadway or LondonNight life in Western District.

"Marine Spectrum" is also known as "the most suitable parent -child cruise ship", including dozens of sports, duplex dual -layer "perfect family suite", and the sea calendar clubs and adolescents that are suitable for children and teenagers from 6 months to 18 years old.The international cultural atmosphere.

"Ocean Spectrum" Sea Royal Theater Night Song and Dance Performance

For Royal Caribbean, the cruise industry that accelerates recovery under policy guidance is particularly important to achieve high -quality development to adapt to the diversified consumption concept and value orientation of new consumer groups, and the return of the "marine spectrum" is the bestResponse.

In the face of the diversification requirements of consumer groups and the change of consumption form, what measures will Royal Caribbean take?For the Chinese market with huge potential but slow results, can the "marine spectroscopy" be a new benchmark for starting the cruise market?

"Fashion Tourism" Dialogue Royal Globe Global Senior Vice President, Dr. Liu Zinan, Chairman of Asia, and Wu Huimin, Captain of the Marine Spectrum, explore more possibilities for the recovery of the cruise market and the development of long -term development.

Fashion tourism:The potential of the Chinese market is great, but the speed of realization of the potential may not be so fast. How do you think the potential of the Chinese market can be excavated?

Liu Zinan:We know that the European and American cruise ship market is relatively mature, and it has been developing for hundreds of years, but the cruise ship is still an emerging industry in the Chinese market. From the first ship of other cruise brands in 2006 to the Chinese market, it has only 17 years.The development speed of the Chinese market is more than many times in Europe and the United States, becauseChina has always been a miracle market. If you have anything you want to do, you will quickly see the resultsEssence

Therefore, in the 10 years from 2009 to 2019, the industry is usually called the "golden period" of the cruise industry.In this golden 10 years, the compound growth rate of the Chinese cruise ship has reached an average annual average of 55%.This digital benchmarking European and American markets are very excellent. The compound growth rate of the European and American markets is only 20%annually, so our growth rate before the epidemic was twice that of the European and American markets, and it even had to reach a state of three times.Unfortunately, the epidemic interrupted the market trajectory that was relatively high -speed development.We also hope that with the gradual return, we can return to a healthier growth track.

In addition, I think the Chinese market is the same as other markets. After a new product has reached this market, there is a process of cultivation. We must adhere to long -termism.Before the epidemic, the Royal Caribbean's products were very popular. In the short period of time when the spectrum number was operated in China, the feedback that the guests gave us were very positive, and the satisfaction of guests was very high.For cruise company, this is a challenging job.Our cruise products need to meet the existing consumer demand and the needs of future consumption.It is essential to win consumers' minds in which market.

Faced with the current recovery and future development, cruise companies and industry partners should always be in awe of consumers, create products that can satisfy consumers, and provide services that are equivalent to value and price.I think as long as you work well and provide the best products and services, the market will respond accordingly.

"Ocean Spectrum" Maritime Main Restaurant

Fashion tourism:The "Marine Spectrum" is resumed in Shanghai. Is there a portrait that predicts the mainstream domestic consumers?

Liu Zinan:The cruise industry has the law of supply and pulling demand, and different types of products are attracted by different types of products.Over the past few decades, Royal Caribbean has been on the forefront of the industry on building a big ship and new ships, leading the industry trend.Our cruise products can meet the needs of vacations at different ages, so that every guest can gain their own unique and beautiful experience.

On the sale of cruise routes, family customers, elderly customers, and young customer bases have different degrees of proportion. It has not changed significantly with consumer portraits before our epidemic, but at the same time, we have seenYoung and youngerthe trend of.Everyone will find that in addition to the original cross -generation family and multi -generation families, some young people have begun to book the "Marine spectral" cruise product, which also illustrates the rich entertainment on the spectrum number,Experience, catering and other experiences have attracted the interest of young customers.This new trend is not only reflected in the Chinese market, but also the overseas market.

"Ocean Spectrum" Maritime Robot Bar

In fact, in our overseas routes that have been resumed in Europe and the United States in the past two years, we have also found that the trend of youth is more obvious than before.Next year we may consider doing some activities that young customers like on some selected voyages, such as the addition of parties and DJs.

The second is that the predetermined window period will be longer.In the past, Chinese consumers went out to travel, especially international travel, and may not start booking so early.However, the European and American customer groups may set the future vacation plan in one year or even two years in advance. In China, everyone will be relatively approaching the window period.However, this time re -open reservation, we found that everyone has a trend of explosion after a backlog of vacation, and we started to schedule the route of next year early. Therefore, when we started pre -sale in June, the first flight route in 2024, May 1st, May 1st, May 1st, May 1st, May 1st, May 1st, and May 1st., National Day, Mid -Autumn Festival these holiday routes have been sold out as soon as possible.

Fashion tourism:How is Chinese consumers' impression of the "Marine spectrum"?What are the consumption habits of Chinese consumers?

Wu Huimin: everybody knows"Marine spectrometer" is a cruise ship tailored for the Chinese marketPreviously, the spectral number has been operating in the Chinese market for half a year. With our facilities experience and detailed services, consumers have high satisfaction with spectral numbers during operation.Regarding consumption habits, first of all, the Chinese family concept is relatively strong, so there will be many "multi -generation tour" consumers. For cruise products, it is necessary to meet tourists of all ages to experience.

In addition, Chinese consumers have always valued the catering experience on the cruise ship for their own eating habits. While experiencing international food, more Chinese -style Chinese catering experiences that are in line with "Chinese stomach" are also very good for Chinese consumers.important.It is also based on these understanding of consumers. At the beginning of the design of the spectrum, we incorporated a lot of Chinese elements, such as the launch of the Royal Sichuan Restaurant, Kawuya, and the sea hot pot at sea.Featured restaurants.

The Royal Caribbean began a ticket to return to Shanghai's home port at the end of June 2023 at the end of June 2023. The market situation in the pre -sale is very good. We also hope that when we return to the Chinese market next year, we can still win the Chinese consumers to us.Active feedback,Hope the spectral number can bring more beautiful cruise vacation memories to more Chinese consumersEssence

The perfect family suite of "Marine Spectrum"

Fashion tourism:The captain of China is relatively rare. In view of most overseas companies, how can the cruise company lead the team to spend the past few years, and then lead the team back to the Chinese market. What can I feel to share?

Wu Huimin:The industry has an usual metaphor, saying that the Royal Caribbean is the cruise industry"Huangpu Military Academy"It can be seen that the Royal Caribbean's investment in the training and construction of the cruise talent echelon and the contribution to the industry. Many outstanding talents in the industry come from the Royal Caribbean.The Royal Caribbean is the first international cruise company to open Chinese cruise talents.Since 2013, the Royal Caribbean has begun to train senior management talents among Chinese people, including recruiting navigation technicians with leadership potential.I also joined Royal Caribbean under such an opportunity, and I got very professional training and development opportunities all the way.

During the epidemic period, the spectral number was drifting at sea due to the suspension of the mother port.During this period, the crew was closely condensed together, and we were more like a small family, supporting each other, and cooperating closely.Now this team is more than 1,600 crew members, from more than 70 countries and regions around the world, which is very international and diversified.Speaking of the construction of the entire team, I have always told employees that they are very simple words: one isSafety first.Including guests and employees, we will always put safety first; the other isrespectEssenceNo matter what skin tone, what kind of person, what language, and beliefs, it is important to respect each other.Everyone's position on the boat is different, but everyone is indispensable, and teamwork is very important.

Facing the upcoming Chinese market, we have begun some operational adjustments and preparations, such as appropriately increasing the proportion of Chinese crew members on board, and can provide more convenience in the process of serving Chinese tourists.And before we officially return to the Chinese market, we have a series of employee pressure tests. We all have corresponding tests on the important positions on the ship to ensure that the best products and services are presented to everyone.The cruise ship will also be maintained and maintained after 5 years after the launch of the launch, and presented in front of consumers with a new look.