Perseverance of the "Number" climbing a new peak of industrial design -on the occasion of the 2023 "Rainbow Cup" Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest Awards Ceremony
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On December 20, in Chengdu Tianfu Design Industrial Park, the 2023 "Rainbow Cup" Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest Awards ceremony was held as scheduled.The well -known industrial design "Big Coffee" at home and abroad is a good place to share this feast of industrial design.

Promote exchanges with "matching the media", and develop "Xingxingye".In the beginning of the 20th spirit of the party, the contest is at the forefront of the competition. With the theme of "design, numbers, and fusion", it actively embraces digitalization and intelligence, and strives to promote the integration and development of industrial design and advanced manufacturing.With the "number" hand, the competition innovation and upgrading system, focusing on the cultivation of industrial design talent teams, accelerating the transformation of industrial design results, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial industry, and launched a series of new and interesting events.

Starting from summer to harvest in winter.2023 "Rainbow Cup" Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Competition uses a beautiful "transcript" to climb the new peak of industrial design, and promote the new type of industrialization and implementation of a strong provincial strategy for our province.A "perfect answer sheet".

Innovation + "Number"

A large number of "real fusion" emergence

As a long -lasting industrial design event, "New" is a keyword that the Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest pursued and focused on presented.

"New" is on the theme -the theme of "Design · Digital · Fusion", "Numbers" appeared for the first time in the theme of the competition, and its intention is self -evident -Digital "strong" real ", and forged a new productive productive forces in Sichuan.In the contest, a large number of "real fusion" of the "real fusion" emerged.

"New" is in the competition system -around the new theme, the competition anchor the industry, and the new upgrade system.Focusing on the six major industries of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food lighting, advanced materials, energy chemical industry, and pharmaceutical health in our province, the main competition is divided into three categories: service design, product design, and concept.At the same time, the special competition for the clothing brand creative design, the tea brand innovation design special competition, and the Sanxingdui creative design special competition, accurately focus on the characteristic industries, promote the virtue with the competition, and brighten more business cards representing Sichuan.

"New" in the event -this year, the competition joins hands with Chengdu Rainbow Electric (Group) Co., Ltd., Sichuan Brigade Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Huadi Lighting Technology Co.,

"New" in technology -Around the new theme of "digital fusion", this year's review method has transformed from on -site review works model to digitalization.Some shortlisted works are entered into the core product of China Fish Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. "3DQuee.Cloud 3D Queen (3D Digital One -stop Platform)", just with 3D printing technology to achieve the integration of creation and production.

"New" in the number -As of September 30, the contest received a total of 26 provinces and regions and cities from Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, as well as 8106 from South Korea, Japan, Australia, Finland and other countries.For design works, the number of main competition works has reached a record high.In addition, the number of clothing brand creative design special competitions, tea brand creative design special competitions, and Sanxingdui creative design special competition solicited 2,960 pieces.

Creative + "Fruit"

The transformation amount of results exceeds 16 billion yuan

As the provincial industrial design competition with the strongest continuity and the largest number of times in the country, the selection guidelines for the Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest not only value the innovation of works, but also the efficient transformation of creativity and results.

Since its establishment in 2010, we look back at the 13 years of the Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest: Nearly 60,000 industrial design works at home and abroad, with the results of the results of more than 16 billion yuan.

Behind the data is a practical activity, a strong and effective communication again and again.

During the competition, the contest focused on the needs of the six major industrial enterprises, and organized design experts to enter the cities, states and parks (enterprises) of various cities and parks in Sichuan to empower the high -quality development of the Sichuan industrial economy in the name of design.This year, it was the first time that the "Sichuan -Taiwan, Sichuan -Min -Min -Min -Min -Minya Industry docking and exchange meeting" was launched, and representatives of Xiamen and Taiwan -funded enterprises came to Sichuan to take a look at the strategy of seeking development with local enterprises and seeking development.

For the first time, the "Good Design · New Consumption" design empowers the whole Sichuan bank, stimulates the awareness of enterprise innovation with industrial design, and promotes the development of characteristic industries.

It is worth noting that this year, the contest will rely on Chengdu Tianfu Design Industrial Park to create an integrated service platform for "competition, exhibition, meeting, and incubation" to broaden the way of transforming results for enterprises, open up product supply chain, and promote industrial integration and development.

Promoting the transformation of industrial design results and enhancing the competitiveness of industrial design in Sichuan is inseparable from talent support.

Following the competition in the province's major universities in the province to carry out exchanges and docking activities and organize an innovative design challenge camp event, this year, the competition entered the Sichuan Academy of Music and Sichuan Media, further promoting the integration of production and education.Bridge from the competition, Chengdu Rainbow Electric (Group) Co., Ltd. joined hands with the four universities of “innovation researchThe formal landing will realize the organic connection between corporate talent needs and education -side talent training, and cultivate cross -type and composite industrial design talents for the high -quality development of the modern industrial system of our province.

Today, promoting the digital transformation of manufacturing and the intelligent transformation of the industrial system has become an inevitable choice to conform to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change trends.As the forefront of the integration and development of the Sichuan digital economy and the real economy, Tianfu Baodao Industrial Design Contest, which is righteous, attaches the hand of "numbers" and allows Sichuan industrial design to peak.

In recent years, our province has adhered to industrial design as an important measure to implement the strategy of implementing industrial provinces and manufacturing strong provinces, and introduced the "Implementation Opinions on the" Design Empowerment "action to enhance the design capabilities of manufacturing""Measures" and other series of policies to accelerate the construction of a new system of industrial design industry development in Sichuan.

Take the new heaven by "counting", and the horse raised its whip at the time.

With "wisdom" and "quality" and "karma" with "race", focus on the 2023 "Rainbow Cup" Tianfu · Baodao Industrial Design Contest.Advantages, promote the deep integration of industrial design and industrial industry, create a high -energy industrial design industrial system, accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the industrial industry, and contribute to the realization of new industrialization in Sichuan.