Tan Tuo Outdoor Sponsor the first National Ski Mountaineering Championship, burn the top of ice and snow!
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Masters gather, fight on the top of the mountain!From December 16th to 22nd, the first National Ski Mountaineering Championships and the Fourteen Winter Qualifications of 2023 were successfully held at the Yabuli Sports Training Base in Heilongjiang Province.This event is hosted by the State General Administration of Sports Mountaineering Sports Management Center, the China Mountaineering Association, and the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau.

As the official match of the Milan Winter Olympics in 2026, the ski climbing competition was first listed in the National Winter Games.The first National Ski Mountaineering Championships and the Fourteen Winter Qualifications of the Explore Cup, a total of 84 projects from men and women's short -distance races, vertical racing, personal off -road competitions, and hybrid relay races. 84Athletes comprehensively assembled fierce competition.

Break through the snow and snow, follow the top of Dream Mountain

The Expansion Cup Qualification Competition is completely targeted at the Winter Olympic Games.The first men's and women's short -distance races are the Winter Olympics projects. The altitude gap between the track is 68 meters and the length is 510 meters.The athletes need to climb up to 240 meters from the starting point to climb the ski -wearing, back snowboard climbing, conversion, etc., and then penetrate 10 flagmen to reach the end.The short -distance race not only requires athletes to have excellent explosive power and physical reserves, but also proficient in various technologies of ski climbing.

Under the severe cold environment of minus 22 degrees Celsius, the players fought bloody and climbed Xue to challenge their own limits again and again.After fierce competition, Sheng Shengmei won the women's short -distance championship, Rejie won the men's short -distance championship, and the second time Yuzhen won the women's vertical racing champion, and I bought Iblak Chici to win the men's vertical race race.The champion, the second time Yuzhen and Xindao Tao won the champion of the mixed relay, and the long -lasting game finally ended.

Hardcore equipment, glory expedition

The Tutuo Cup National Ski Mountaineering Championship is not only the athletes, but also the trial field for outdoor equipment.Three outdoor equipment, which sponsored outdoor outdoor -sponsored jackets, skiwear, and even sportswear, are all Chinese ski mountaineering team champion equipment.Explore outdoor drying pole 3.0 charge, waterproof, wear -resistant, and breathable, equipped with special three -layer waterproof composite fabric and heat -sealing gum, waterproof and humidity index is as high as 10000/10000;Meet the athlete's requirements for comfort in the extreme environment; the axillary of the dry charge is also equipped with a warm and humid regulatory zipper under the axillary, and keep the athlete's core temperature on the arena and give hard core protection.

The fashionable ski suits are specially born for skiing of high mountains. The internal heating circulation system is used to use silver ions to heat the inner inner inner internal heat., Oil -proof and moisturizing, helping the players with lightweight and warm design help the players.

Tan Tuo Outdoor Uniform shows a slimming shape with 3D three -dimensional tailoring. The selected Lycra fabric is comfortable and comfortable.The optimized design for the exploration outdoor outdoor competition can better accommodate competition equipment such as search and rescue instruments to escort the athletes.

In the Tutuo Cup National Ski Mountaineering Championship, the players were wearing the "Jie Equipment" of Examples, and fully felt the professional technological power of the product in the real environment.In the practice and tests again and again, the hardcore strength of Explanation Outdoor is also released.

Chinese brand, dazzling bloom

Ski mountaineering is inseparable from excellent equipment.As a pioneer outdoor brand in China, Tan Tuo Outdoor has always focused on the development and design of scientific and technological materials and professional functions since its establishment, and takes practicality and comfort as its core concept.It has won the recognition of the market and consumers.

In the increasingly competitive market, Dutch outdoors have further expanded the brand's influence and popularity with the product of continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and at the same time have also been recognized by more and more events.From the first national skiing climbing championship to the first National Ski Mountaineering Championships, Explore Outdoor Love sponsorship and witness the time of glory.