With the story of the stage art, the large -scale scenario party lesson "Guangzhou Story" is grandly staged
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From December 19th to 21st,热议资讯 2023, the large -scale scene party "Guangzhou Story" performed three consecutive performances in Guangzhou.

The reporter from the Yangcheng Evening News learned that the performance was co -sponsored by the Old Cadre Bureau of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Guangzhou Municipal Working Committee. The veteran cadres and veteran cadres workers were the main team, and they used the old comrades as the actor.The creative ability and enthusiasm of the old comrades can tell the story of Guangzhou in the form of stage art.

According to the main creator, the "Guangzhou Story" uses the timeline as the main axis, selects major historical events in Guangzhou, and innovatively integrates various elements such as drama, music, dance, film and television audiovisual language, and vividly presents the rich historical heritage and history of Guangzhou in the form of stage art.The urban characteristics show the important position and outstanding contribution of Guangzhou in the magnificent historical scrolls of the Chinese nation, and sang the glorious history of the Guangzhou people to continue their struggle under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

"The Story of Guangzhou" is from the preface "The Pearl River Flow", the first chapter of "Millennium", the second chapter "Centennial Map", the third chapter "Forty Cold Butterfly Change", the fourth chapter "New Era Leading" and the end of the end."Endless" composition.

The first chapter "Millennium Sailing" includes the miniature drama "Thirteen Elementary Schools" and the dance "Guangxiu", which mainly show the prosperity of the millennium merchants.The second chapter "Hundred Years of Map" uses the miniature musical "Echo of History" and tells "Dawn to the Sheep City".The historical story of the five -star red flag, and shows the important historical events of the modern Guangzhou democratic revolution in the form of background imaging, telling how Guangzhou opens the door to modern China.

The third chapter of "Forty Cold Butterfly Change" is described by the sound of the sound poetry and painting "My Guangzhou" and the dance "The Story of Spring".The fourth chapter "Leading in the New Era" with the song · Cantonese opera · Guangdong Music "Guangzhou Style Painting" and the sketch "The Future of the Canton". Looking back at the new chapter of Guangzhou in the new era, Guangzhou will continue to work hard and look forward to the bright prospects of the United States.Finally, the performance ended with the chorus "The Pearl River in Dreams Slowly Stream".

Chen Xiaolin, the creator of "Guangzhou Story", said: "The original intention and purpose of the Scenic Party Lesson is to attract the audience and us through various forms of art expression. In the long river of history, they are looking for why the Communist Party of China, why socialism with Chinese characteristics, and why socialism with Chinese characteristicsOK, why Marxism does the answer. "

Text | Reporter Ai Xiuyu