The gold reserve increased for 14 months, and the value of the product configuration value of the Gold ETF Fund was prominent
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On the surface,moment information website according to official data, in December, China's foreign exchange reserves increased significantly by 66.2 billion US dollars, rising to US $ 3238 billion, a new high since December 2021.In December, China increased its holdings of 290,000 ounces, with a total of 14 consecutive months, with a total of 71.87 million ounces, which continued to reach a record high; in the past 14 months, the cumulative holdings have increased by 9.23 million ounces.The last continuous increase in holdings appeared from December 2018 to September 2019. At that time, it increased its holdings for 10 consecutive months, with a cumulative increase of 3.4 million ounces.

The Yangtze River Securities said: Looking forward to the future, with the recovery of the global economy and the continuous purchase of the central bank, it is expected that the price of gold will be further supported.Goldman Sachs has adjusted the target of gold price in the next 12 months to $ 2175 per ounce.

In general, the growth of my country's foreign exchange reserves and gold reserves is a good reflection of my country's economy.With the recovery of the global economy and the central bank's gold up boom, my country will continue to maintain steady economic growth and financial market performance.

Gold ETF Fund (159937) supports T+0 transactions. Today (January 8, 2024), the turnover exceeded 247 million yuan. The net inflow of the main funds of the last trading day was 2.25 million yuan. The configuration value attracted the attention of the market.