The military victory of the Israeli army in the conflict: the facts or fantasies?
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In addition,hot topic website the Israeli army also failed completely on the issue of liberation captives.In addition to destroying Hamas, another main goal of Israel's invasion of Gasha is to liberate the remaining captives.This goal was not achieved, and Israel killed three captives who tried to surrender.

In terms of military technology, Israel is known as the world's leader.Most of its hardware and software have reached the high expectations of the army itself.Although new weapons and systems have successfully integrated with old weapons and systems, they have not proved that these technologies can change the war.For example, the highly respected Trophy armored vehicle active protection system is uneven in the close combat. At first, the Israeli army suffered some casualties in the initial stage of the Israeli army in the initial stage of the battle.However, the Israeli army's learning curve has been steep, and has successfully adopted remedial measures.

In terms of public relations, Israel has also suffered a disaster.Although Israeli propaganda machines have strongly sold their official routes, they have little effect.They tried to equate Hamas and Islamic State (ISIS) and failed.However, the biggest failure of Israeli military operations must be its deliberate, incompetent, and cruel excessive reaction -this has led to tens of thousands of civilians' death.

The exact number will depend on how many of the 2,1800 people who have been killed so far.If Israel's statement about 8,500 Hamas soldiers is true, it still means that 1,3300 civilians were killed, including 8,600 children.If Hamas has lost 4,000 members -this number looks more credible -then the number of civilians intentionally or negligated by the Israeli army will be far more than 17,000.

In any case, this number is considered unacceptable by many people around the world.They believe that no matter when and where the war is over, those dead civilians will once again trouble the entire Israel.