The evolution and upgrade of Shanghai computing power trading platform: version 2.0 officially released 12 companies access
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  As a national digital vanguard and computing power application innovation highland,hot topic website Shanghai has new actions in the construction of computing power infrastructure.At the 2023 year and digital economy development forum held in Shanghai on December 20, the "Shanghai Computing Power Trading Platform 2.0" was officially released, including 12 companies including Shanghai Unicom, Shanghai Tower, and Outsourcing.A grant access platform node.

  Dai Bin, deputy director of the Shanghai Communications Administration, said that as a new engine of the digital economy, computing power is significantly improving the production efficiency and quality of multiple industries, inserting "digital wisdom" wings to the real economy, and triggering industrial structural changes.In the next step, the industry must continue to strengthen the scale of computing power, stimulate innovative vitality, and strive to build a new pattern of computing power.It is recommended to scientifically and orderly promote the construction of computing power infrastructure such as the computing centers, the intellectual calculations, and the supercomputing center.

  "Shanghai Computing Power Trading Platform 2.0" released 12 companies access platform nodes

  In order to achieve the ultimate goal of taking computing power like water and electricity, in April this year, the "Shanghai Computing Power Trading Platform 1.0" was officially launched.The uniqueness of the platform exchange architecture, first test the first computing power transaction concentration platform in the country.

  After the 1.0 version of the model of naked metals was launched, Shanghai initially formed a rational circulation situation between naked metal computing resources between cross -main computing power center.

  In order to meet the current demand for large models in various industries, on December 20, the "Shanghai Computing Power Trading Platform 2.0" was officially released.

  Twelve companies are: Shanghai Unicom, Shanghai Tower, Youfu, Pioneer Data, Great Warrots, Great Wall Broadband, Zhongke Shuguang, Technology Network, Digital Information, Century Interconnection, Kezhong Hengsheng, and Railway Network.From the perspective of the industry, this means that the access nodes of Shanghai's computing power trading platform have spread throughout the machine rooms of 12 companies in Shanghai, which can provide convenient and flexible access services for computing power supply and demand enterprises.

  The reporter was informed that the container -based "2.0 version of the computing power trading platform" incorporated the advanced network brain technology and the reliable "Starfire Chain" blockchain technology, and expanded the computing power scheduling ability of heterogeneity.The access to computing resources is 6334P, 102P of super computing resources, and 1,816P of intellectual computing resources.

  Li Jianwei, the product director of SHIXP, told the reporter of the Shanghai Securities News that the network brain technology can achieve one -click order for users. Multi -factor network service capabilities such as factors such as dynamic arrangement, proximity on demand, and business intelligence recommendation."Star Fire Chain Network" blockchain technology can provide computing power network and computing power trading business: computing power resources and demand registration, computing power transaction order deposit certificate, computing power transaction audit, computing power voucher issuance and verificationTrust the foundation.

  In the future, Shanghai's computing power trading platform will play an important role in further optimizing the structure of computing power supply and demand, promoting the coordinated development of the Internet, accurate support for computing power, and innovative computing power trading model.

  Shanghai is using the data center standard rack over 420,000

  A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, jointly issued the "High -quality Development Action Plan for Computing Power Infrastructure", which proposed the high -quality development goals of computing power infrastructure from various aspects such as computing power, carrier capacity, storage power, and application empowerment.The Shanghai Municipal Government issued the "Shanghai Municipality to further promote the new infrastructure construction action plan (2023-2026)" and proposes a series of strategic measures to promote high -quality computing power development.

  The reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Communications Administration that as of now, Shanghai has reached 423,000 standard frames with data centers, with a listing rate of about 65%.The country ranks third.

  In order to promote the optimization of the construction layout of the Shanghai data center, the improvement of network quality, the acceleration of computing power, the stable industrial chain, and the development of green and low -carbon, and the development of the development of comprehensive computing power indexes in Shanghai, the Shanghai Communications Society "Computing Power Pujiang" Special CommitteeThe members of the meeting organized the report of the "Shanghai Composite Index (2023)" report.

  The report shows that from the overall operation, in 2023, Pudong, Jiading, and Baoshan ranked among the top. Pudong New District ranked first with the advantages of computing power, transportation, and ecology.Listing second, Baoshan District ranks among the top three with the advantages of computing power and profile.

  Liao Yunfa, the chairman of the Shanghai Communications Society's "Computing Power Pujiang" Special Committee and Dean of the East China Branch of the China Information and Communications Research Institute, said that in terms of computing power, Pudong New District, Baoshan District, and Minhang DistrictLeading.Among them, the Pudong New District is leading the number of data centers, large (large) data centers, high -performance computing proportion, and computing power business income in the use of computing power scale, large (large) data centers, while Baoshan District has a better performance on the rate of data centers.Essence

  Pioneering computing power application boundary

  With the comprehensive opening of the digital economy era, computing power is supported by an important "base", and its development has attracted much attention from market attention.Dai Bin said that at present, the development plan of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" computing power of the country and the country has completed the system deployment, and the long -term linkage has continued to promote the high -quality development of the digital economy with computing power as the productivity.In the next step, the industry must continue to strengthen the scale of computing power, stimulate innovative vitality, and strive to build a new pattern of computing power.

  In addition to improving infrastructure construction, Dai Bin suggested that the entire industry should play the role of scientific and technological innovation "incremental", increase source technology reserves, promote technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence computing, high performance calculation, accelerate algorithm models, high -end chips, high -end chips, Calculation systems, software tools and other fields, key technologies and important products.At the same time, the industry must actively seize the development of new computing power application scenarios such as GM models and vertical industries, and continuously develop the application boundaries of computing power in the fields of urban brain, autonomous driving, finance, education, and medical care.

  Chen Junzhong, chairman of the Shanghai Communications Society, said that in the future, the Shanghai Communications Society will continue to do three aspects under the guidance of various competent departments: one is to consolidate the self -foundation and continuously improve the industrial ecosystem; the other is to deeply cultivate the service concept,Do a good job of the government's think tank; the third is to strengthen coordination and be a strong spear and thick shield for good enterprises.