Han Jun emphasized at the Provincial Party Committee's Military Military Meeting Conference to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's strong army thoughts and strive to create a new situation in
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On the morning of December 19th,news express website the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Han Jun presided over the meeting of the Provincial Party Committee's Military Military Meeting, thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's thoughts, and conscientiously implemented the spirit of important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important speech on Anhui work.Reporting, research and deployment of the next stage of work, and strive to create a new situation in the construction of Anhui party management armed forces and national defense mobilization.Wang Qingxian, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Tang Liangzhi, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Liu Haiquan, Ding Xiangqun, Zhang Hongwen, Shi Shuhe, Liu Guobin, He Shushan, Qian Sanxiong, and Liu Feng of the Provincial Party, Government and Army.

Han Jun pointed out that since this year, party committees, governments, and military organs at all levels in the province have firmly supported the "two establishments", resolutely achieve "two maintenance", fully implement the 20th spirit of the party, firmPractice military training to prepare for war, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, the party management armed forces are strong, the emergency war promotion is strong, the system reform is strong, the military -civilian integration is deepened, and the military, political and civilians are united, and new progress and new results have been made to promote the economic construction and national defense construction of our province.

Han Jun pointed out that Anhui is a large population province and a large province of soldiers. It fulfills the mission of strengthening the army and maintaining national security and social stability. It is important and responsible.It is necessary to focus on the soul of the soul, continue to learn and understand the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, conscientiously implement the responsibility of party management of armed forces, focus on the second batch of theme education, and unremittingly use the party's innovative theory to armed the mind, guide practice, and practice practice., Promoting work.It is necessary to focus on training for troops, focusing on the goals and military strategic guidelines of the new era, consolidate the foundation of the battle to overcome the war, greatly focus on military training, strengthen national defense education, and improve the quality of soldiers.It is necessary to focus on military collaboration, further streamline the working mechanism, strengthen collaborative innovation, integrate and optimize resources, promote the close connection between Anhui science and technology and innovation with the military demand of the army, and open up a multi -level military -land collaborative link channel.

Han Jun emphasized that party committees and governments at all levels must fully participate, support, serve the modernization of national defense, and the army of the army.The troops stationed in Anhui should effectively combine the army's ability, the local needs, and the people's hope of the people to stand up and be pioneers in tasks such as rescue and disaster relief, emergency response, and rural revitalization.Both military and local sides should work closely and coherently, grasp the work of party management and military mobilization, and continuously improve the ability of supporting support to ensure win -win, consolidate the development of military, political and civilian unity in the new era, and achieve the goal of 100 years of struggle for the establishment of the army as scheduled.Make new and greater contributions.