All aspects of promoting the integration of science and technology education talent development.
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& emsp; & emsp; Reporter Zhang Jun

& emsp; & emsp; The一刻资讯 annual meeting of the World Chinese Mathematical Alliance with the theme of "focusing on basic science and exploring the development of mathematics disciplines" opened at the University of Fudan University yesterday.Chen Jining, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

& emsp; & emsp; Chen Jining pointed out that at present, Shanghai is focusing on the construction of the "five centers" in accordance with the central strategic deployment of the central government to accelerate the establishment of a world -wide socialist modern metropolis with world influence.President Xi Jinping's inspection in Shanghai not long ago pointed out that promoting Chinese -style modernization is inseparable from the strategic support of science and technology, education, and talents. In this regard, Shanghai should be a leader and accelerate to move towards the scientific and technological innovation centers with global influence.In the new journey, we will take the initiative to serve the needs of the national strategy, more actively conform to the changes in the scientific research paradigm, and take basic disciplines such as mathematics as a "first -hand chess" for promoting the scientific and technological revolution and leading innovation and development.Talent integrated development.

& emsp; & emsp; Chen Jining pointed out that we will strongly support the frontier mathematical research.Continue to increase the investment in basic research, accelerate the construction of basic research, encourage mathematicians to carry out high -value and high -risk research, climb the peak of basic theory of mathematics, encourage the cross -cooperation between mathematics and other disciplinesdevelop.We will innovate future mathematics education.Reform and cultivate methods, improve teaching methods, accelerate the improvement of students' mathematical literacy and innovation spirit, and make more future mathematicians stand out.We will actively promote the world -faced mathematical exchanges.Further expand education and openness, carry out in -depth international research in international cooperation, create more international and open new R & D institutions and high -energy innovation platforms, and promote a wider, deeper and lasting international cooperation in the field of mathematics.I look forward to actively discussing and inspiring each other at this annual meeting to contribute wisdom and strength to expanding the boundaries of human mathematics knowledge and accelerating the construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center for Shanghai.

& emsp; & emsp; Qiu Chengtong, chairman of the World Chinese Mathematical Association, Chairman of the Shanghai Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Research Institute, and Dean of Tsinghua University, and the president of Fudan University Jin Li delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.Huang Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Education and Health and Sports Committee, Li Zheng and Liu Duo, the leaders of Shanghai, and Qiu Xin, secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University.

Before the opening ceremony, Chen Jining and Qiu Chengtong and other Chinese and foreign scientists held a discussion before the opening ceremony.He said that the development of basic disciplines such as mathematics requires global mathematics educators and researchers to work together.Looking forward to the establishment of the Shanghai Mathematics and Cross Discipline Research Institute as an opportunity to better grasp the laws of basic science and cross -disciplinary disciplines, actively innovate research models and educational models, explore and change support methods and evaluation methods, accelerate the introduction of outstanding talents of basic research, help Shanghai in Shanghai, help ShanghaiBasic research has achieved great breakthroughs.Welcome more scholars at home and abroad, teenagers from all countries to come and learn from China, learn about Chinese history and culture, and feel the vitality and charm of Shanghai.Shanghai will make every effort to create a global internationalized basic scientific academic environment and cultural atmosphere, provide efficient docking and high -quality services, to help all kinds of innovative talents exhibit talents in Shanghai and achieve better development in Shanghai.