Asia and Thailand Tan Long's fourth launch of the Chinese Golden Globe Award candidate list
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On December 21,热门话题 the list of candidates for the 2023 China Golden Globe Awards was officially released.The Changchun Yatai striker Tan Long, who is currently preparing for the Asian Cup with the national team, is shortlisted for the Chinese Golden Globe Award.This is his fourth list of candidates for this award.

The China Golden Globe Award was founded in 2017. It is the first domestic comprehensive player's annual full series of football match performance awards. It is also the first best selection of Chinese football people launched and organized by the media.The session.In 2023, various events of Chinese football were fully recovered. According to the overall performance of the Chinese Golden Globe Award Jury, based on the player's overall performance of the annual club league, the Football Association Cup, and the national name, after the discussion, 15 players were shortlisted in 2023 China Gold.The list of candidates for the ball award.

In 2023, Tan Long maintained a good competitive state, representing Changchun Asia Thailand in 26 Super League, contributed 10 goals and 3 assists.As the number one shooter in the team, Tan Long ranked second in the Super League Sagittarius list.With the outstanding competitive status in the league, Tan Long became a frequent visitor to the national team.This year, he was selected for a total of 5 times to complete the National Team in New Zealand in March. He prepared and fought in the Hangzhou Asian Games in June to September.The US -Canadian World Cup Asian qualifiers (top 36) national teams and Thai and South Korean teams.At present, Tan Long follows the national team to train in Abu Dhabi and prepare for the Asian Cup.

Although he is 35 years old, Tan Long is late, especially after the thirty stands, his state is stable and efficient.At present, he has been shortlisted for the Chinese Golden Globe Award for four consecutive years.As a football veteran, Tan Long has inspirational stories and spirit that other players do not have.

It is understood that the deadline for the 2023 China Golden Globe Award was December 29, 2023.The 2023 China Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will be held in February 2024.At that time, the winners of each award will be announced, and the details of the votes will be announced in the "Football Weekly" magazine.