The Provincial Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group conducts collective learning to promote the innovation and development of national defense education in the new era.
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Provincial theoretical learning center group conducts collective learning

Promote the innovation and development of national defense education in the new era · Lightning News December 29th News This News information websiteafternoon, the Provincial Party Committee theoretical Learning Center group conducted collective learning, thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of Xi Jinping's strong army thought and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on strengthening the national defense education, further building the foundation of the patriotic army, from a strategic and global heightEffectively do a good job of national defense education.

Lin Wu, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the study and speeches. Zhou Naixiang, Ge Huijun, Yang Dongqi, and members of the central group participated.

Qi Jianguo, the former chief of staff of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, was invited to make a report, which made a wonderful interpretation of the understanding and thinking of the unreasonable change of centuries.Tao Ke, deputy editor -in -chief of the PLA, attended.

The meeting pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important expositions on strengthening the education of national defense, consolidating military, political unity, and promoting the deep development of military -civilian integration, which provided us with fundamental compliance.We must conscientiously study and understand and implement it.To strengthen national defense education, it is significant and far -reaching. It is necessary to adapt to the new situation and new requirements, and high -quality planning to promote national defense education.It is necessary to highlight the key targets, make good red resources, innovate education methods, and promote the innovative development of national defense education in the new era.It is necessary to press the main responsibility of the main body of the party committee, give play to the function of the department, and extensively consolidate the joint efforts of national defense education, and effectively create a good atmosphere of caring for national defense, love for national defense, build national defense, and defend national defense.