Explore natural mysteries in the world of dinosaurs -Xu Xing, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and academician of the Chinese Academy of Scien
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Academician Xu Xing was interviewed by this reporter.

  "In the past few days, I have received congratulatory text messages from many young researchers. They are all looking forward to promoting the development of disciplines, and they feel that the responsibilities on their bodies are even greater." Recently, in an interview with reporters, the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of SciencesXu Xing, researcher, doctoral supervisor, and deputy director of the Institute of Ancient Human Research Institute, said.

  On November 22, the list of academicians was announced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2023. A total of 133 people were newly elected as academicians, and Xu Xing ranked among them.He is currently the most discovered and named dinosaurs in the world, and is affectionately called "Dinosaur Academician" by everyone.

  Does dragon and dinosaurs have something to do?

  Xu Xing, born in Yili, Xinjiang in July 1969, graduated from the Department of Geology and Strangers in the Department of Geology, Peking University in 1992. In 2004, he was selected as a national candidate for the "New Century Talent Project".The first batch of tens of millions of project leaders.

  In the early days of academic career, Xu Xing and dinosaurs forged an inextricable bond. His footprints spread all over Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Yunnan, Jiangxi and Hunan.During the field inspections, Xu Xing kept looking for dinosaur fossils and found new dinosaur species.

  First look at a transcript: 28 years old, and find a long feathers North Ticket Dragon; 31 years old, "Zhao's Little Thief Dragon" smaller than the athletic bird; 34 years old, proposed four -wing dinosaur hypothesis; 46 years old;Qi Pterosaur with wing membrane wings ... For more than 20 years, Xu Xing's main energy has been focused on the research of dinosaur evolution and dinosaurs.Article.His research results have created a number of world -first world, known as the "Chinese Star" in the world's dinosaur research community.The scientific hypothesis of "Dinosaur Flying to the Blue Sky" has renovated the research on dinosaur evolution and helps my country a dynamic room for paleontology.

  "What is the relationship between dinosaurs and dragons?"

  The dragon from the ancient myths is one of the symbols of the Chinese nation.As a dinosaur expert, Xu Xing is often asked about such a question.He admits that although this problem cannot be verified at present, it is certain that there are many records about fossils in research books on natural sciences in early my country."Our ancestors must have touched the dinosaur fossils by ourselves, and the thoughts related to biological evolution may have an impact on the formation of the dragon culture." In Xu Xing's view, the search and research of dinosaursLike evolution, we can help us understand our own culture and the land where survival.

Due to long -term labor, Academician Xu Xing had a bad lumbar spine and could not sit for a long time. He usually stood office.

  In reality, the real dinosaur archeological research world is not as described in cartoons and science fiction movies, and it is often full of unknown risks and challenges.Fossil collection often requires a layered of rocks to find. Finding clues about the life of dinosaurs and dinosaurs in the desert Gobi area of the desert of the desert is the norm of Xu Xing's work.

  "In these areas, wind meals and sleeping are common. In areas without highways, it is easy to occur, and it is prone to turning over, and the weather is hot and the climate is dry. Scientific researchers are facing dual challenges in spiritual and material." So far he still remembers that he was sitting with his teacher at that time.On the desert Gobi, although holding a dry steamed bun in his hand, the teacher's face was still filled with a bright smile."Although the conditions are bad, the older generation of ancient biologists can still find fun. This kind of scientific spirit and strong will to explore is the power that supports me to move forward." Xu Xing recalled.

  Dinosaur research also uses big data and artificial intelligence technology

  The hot American economist Taylor Curon predicts in the book "Goodbye, mediocre era" that future social scientists will no longer be the theory of innovation, and will cooperate with the ability of computers to allow programs to output element analysis.As a result, and review the research results so far.Although this view is extremely extreme, the reliance on modern sciences such as computer capabilities has revealed a common fact.

  Xu Xing's attempt for modern technology to help dinosaurs has the same magic.Over the years, he and his colleagues have already used big data and artificial intelligence technology to open up a new field of dinosaur research, and have achieved the results that could not be achieved in the past in the past.

  For example, with the help of big data technology and combined with various fossil evidence, it restores the ecological and appearance characteristics of dinosaurs in ancient times.The application of this technology can also better predict climate change and inferred biological evolution. By collecting rich fossils and various ecological information, it provides sufficient data for the ecology of dinosaur survival.At present, scientists have been able to explore the biological characteristics and evolutionary process of dinosaurs through fossil data from all over the world from various aspects of soil, climate, food, vegetation and other aspects, and confirm how dinosaurs adapt to and rule the earth."This is not the same as the appearance and habits of the dinosaurs with a few fossils." Xu Xing said that through the application of big data technology, scientists have established a variety of climate models to analyze the life of the dinosaur life.During the period of climate evolution.

  For example, artificial intelligence has successfully restored the appearance of some dinosaurs.Of course, artificial intelligence requires a lot of data support and algorithm optimization.The incompleteness and mutation of the dinosaur fossil record also determines that the characteristics of some dinosaurs are difficult to be accurately restored.To obtain a large number of dinosaur images and data and classify, label and process it, a large number of manpower, material and financial investment other than artificial intelligence is required.

  Nevertheless, Xu Xing believes: "No matter how many problems need to be solved in the future, modern technology such as big data and artificial intelligence will also bring more imagination and research results to the study of contemporary dinosaurs."

  At the same time, in recent years of research, Xu Xing also noticed that two changes in paleontology research are undergoing two changes. One is that paleontological research is increasingly combined with other branches of modern biology, such as comparing genome and development biologyThe second is the combination of other branches of the earth.He firmly believes that through the cross -integration of different disciplines, combining existing dinosaur fossil data and modern animal data, it can better reveal the mystery of biological evolution.

  Science is to touch every citizen

  On June 1, 2019, Xu Xing was a guest CCTV "Open" to share the experience of dinosaurs and paleontology with young friends: curious like children.

  Curious and creative cultivation is related to the reform of the current education system.As a scientist, Xu Xing is very concerned about education reform.He believes that from the perspective of educational development, a system that currently focuses on knowledge training and is supplemented by thinking, will be shifted to a system that is mainly based on thinking training and knowledge training.

Academician Xu Xing was in office.

  Xu Xing urged that related organizations should be established at the national level to conduct statistical research on the talent needs of the era of big data and artificial intelligence, learn from the reform experience of developed countries, and combine the specific reality of my country, and launch the era of adaptation to the era of big data and artificial intelligence as soon as possible. Education planning and implementation plan.At the same time, some disciplines or schools should be selected to carry out a series of reform experiments from curriculum composition, textbook writing to educational methods, and establish an educational concept with thinking training and method training.The change of education system; establish a supporting higher education system, including independent college entrance examination channels, to accept students participating in the reform experiments, open up the entire education channel, and finally establish a complete talent training system that adapts to the era of big data and artificial intelligence.

  It is particularly rare that Xu Xing has been involved in the field of science popularization very early. He spreads the knowledge and scientific spirit of paleontology through popular science articles, popular science documentary and popular science reports.According to his memories, only a few people were present when he gave a science lecture for the first time more than 20 years ago. Now, his lecture venues are full, and even the audience drove hundreds of kilometers just for a lecture.Just to satisfy the curiosity of science.

  Xu Xing attaches great importance to the science of the venue."The most important feature of the science popularization of the venue is the deep interaction and full communication brought by its live nature. This is difficult for other popular science forms." He shared a story that made him unforgettable.After finishing the science lecture, a audience burst into tears, and stepped forward to give him a big hug."By sharing my scientific research experience from you, it has touched some things deep in the hearts of the audience. This is the biggest advantage of the science popularization of the venue."

  "Popular science is to touch every citizen." He believes that compared with developed countries, the number of popular science in my country is relatively small, and the science popular science venues are relatively lacking. In addition, the number of small and medium -sized technology museums is relatively small.

  Xu Xing also has a role as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. This year, he is the sixth year as a member of the CPPCC National Committee.In the past year, he participated in many investigations, and one of the surveys was about the construction of private museums.He found that Zhengjia Natural Sciences Museum, Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum, Pangu Fossil Museum is a very representative private museum. It is unique in the selection of venues, architectural structures, and exhibitions.Very attractive.

  "The resources of the non -public system should be encouraged to enter the science popularization of the venue, actively establish a private museum, enhance the vitality and creativity of the science popularization of the venue, and improve the construction of the science science system." Xu Xing called for.