The 5th Campus Culture and Art Festival of Yueshan Town Central School, Huaining County successfully concluded and broadcasts
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On the morning of January 4th,Express information website the campus culture and art festival of "Children to the Party State" of Yueshan Town Central School in Huaiing County successfully concluded.The closing ceremony is brief and grand, and commended the individuals and classes that have achieved excellent results in the various competitions of this art festival.

At this campus culture and art festival, all teachers and students fully excavated various resources, and carefully designed and organized a series of meaningful activities.Successfully organized activities such as radio gymnastics competitions, rope skipping competitions, tug of war, national anthem, team song chorus competition, excellent calligraphy and painting exhibition, old book sales activities, and literary shows.

This campus art festival is not only a concentrated display of the results of the construction of the school rural rejuvenation, but also shows the heavy culture and spiritual style of the school's many years of accumulation.The teachers and students of the school carefully implemented, and a answer sheet submitted with practical actions achieved a good effect of carriers with art and promoting wisdom.