The situation in the South China Sea has continued to upgrade, and China and the United States have already handed over in the South China Sea?The U.S. military seems to have suffered a big loss
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TheEmergency website situation in the South China Sea has intensified. As soon as the US aircraft carrier "show muscles" in the South China Sea, the U.S. commander was suddenly dismissed. Sino -US has handed over in the South China Sea?This time, the U.S. military seemed to have suffered another loss, the long memory!

The recent news has attracted widespread attention from the outside world.According to the Xinhua News Agency quoted the US "Star Banner News" website, the Seventh Fleet in the United States said that the commander of the 136 Electronics Squadron, Kurt, was recently fired because he lost confidence in his command ability.

The US media followed that the electronic war squadron under the command of Kurite had EA-18G "Roar" electronic warfare aircraft, and the squadron was only deployed on the aircraft carrier of "Karveneson" in October this year.

After removal, Kurite was temporarily transferred by the U.S. militaryIn addition to announced the withdrawal of Kurite's original position, the U.S. military also emphasized that the U.S. Navy commander must have high standards and personal ethics.If you do not reach the highest standard, you will be held accountable.

Kurt was suddenly fired. This was unusual. Why do you say that?In mid -December, the aircraft carrier of "Karveneson" entered the South China Sea Yao Wu Yangwei, and then visited Singapore's port.Recently, news on the Internet showed that the US aircraft carrier broke into the South China Sea again.

It is understood that as early as in the middle of this month, after the U.S. aircraft carrier shook into the South China Sea, Xiamen's meteorological radar was inexplicably electromagnetic waves, and the diameter covered by electromagnetic waves even exceeded 450 kilometers.

At that time, the US media inferred that the reason why the local electromagnetic signal was disturbed was caused by electromagnetic contests in the South China Sea.If it is true, it means that after the aircraft carrier of "Calveneson" runs into the South China Sea, China and the United States have started, and a fierce electromagnetic war between the two sides broke out.

And combined with the electronics team commander deployed on the US aircraft carrier, the commander of the electronic warfare squadron was dismissed, and a bold conclusion can also be drawn, that is, the United States is likely to suffer a big loss at the time., Angle corrupted.As a result, in order to calm down the anger, Kurtla can only be used as a "scapegoat."

To be honest, looking back at the confrontation between China and the United States in the South China Sea, there are many times that the U.S. military has suffered a lot in the local area.For example, at the end of October this year, the US military's self-discovery PLA fighter intercepting the US military B-52 bomber in the South China Sea airspace, and the distance between the two sides was no more than 5 meters.

For another example, at the end of May, when the US reconnaissance aircraft moved over the South China Sea, the PLA F-16 fighter aircraft passed directly from the US military aircraft. The US media complained afterwards that the airflow of the PLA fighters affected the flight route of the US aircraft.

It can be seen that with the improvement of the technical and overall quality of the PLA pilots, the movements of the US military have become more bold. Almost every time, they can create a "surprise" for the US pilot to make the other party "unforgettable".However, the U.S. forces who were successively classed by the PLA in the South China Sea were unwilling and tried to pull back a game, so US Aircraft carriers would rush directly to the South China Sea.