Asia's first destroyer?Just name, the important thing is the means
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About the author: A veteran soldier is good at artillery and South Asia, and has participated in the Wenchuan disaster relief.Wenchuan disaster relief memory of veterans -Wenchuan, we are here

Which is the first destroyer in Asia?Maye level?King Sejong?No, it is not considered, this is definitely India, oh no, it is the P18 -class destroyer of Barlat.In terms of mind, giving an Asian first is definitely an underestimation of P18, and it is true to the world's first.

Although India is still building the main destroyer is still the upgraded version of P15 plan P15B Vishacaparton -class, this does not prevent India's intention beyond all countries, and build a type of strong martial arts or even unique advanced destroyers.

Last month, according to the official leakage of the Indian Ministry of Defense, the PPT of the P18 -level destroyer was officially public, with a drainage of 13,000 tons, equipped with electromagnetic guns, 144 units, and high -precision weapons and other high -precision weapons.Not to mention, the 144 units of the single ship and the practical electromagnetic cannon, just these two, dumped a large street of the destroyer of other countries.

However, there are several small problems in this.

If the little lonely remember, the Indians did engage in an electromagnetic cannon project with a caliber of 12 mm, which is smaller than the "desert eagle" that everyone is familiar with.But this is not a big deal. It is really not good. It is also excellent to put a layer of 20 mm iron pipes on the side.

This is a little difficult, after all, India's own drooping is even disgusted, and it has clearly said that it is going to be imported.Oh, by the way, India has never said that it wants to use universal drooping. The keywords are drooping.Therefore, the P18 is scheduled to have the drooping Barack and its own Boramos.

In the end, how many of the most important shields, there is no understanding of loneliness, anyway, there are many shields.Based on the premise of ensuring multi -angle coverage and plus band coverage, the cost problem of the multi -band co -surface is solved by one fell swoop.

When can I see the real thing from PPT?Well, it's almost, if P18 can continue to build, Lonely should be able to see it alive and launch.How long is this day?Although Little Lone is also lonely, but it is only different from Modi. I can only tell everyone that at least P15B is almost allowed to launch water. As for whether it is naked, who knows?

Of course, as soon as this PPT comes out, India is really like a chicken blood. The main contrast is naturally Titan Gardero and 055. The conclusion is naturally not comparable.What is the next to the son, maybe Gundam?

But, Lonely has always wanted to be strong in India. This heart can be learned. After all, it is really boring to hit the water dog.Moreover, it is not too easy for India to be compared to other countries. There are many shortcuts.For example, many lives.

Why do you say that? Let ’s take a look at a few people. Let’ s understand: The current British Prime Minister Suonak, the current vice president of the United States, Harris, Singapore ’s current President Shangdanman, Canada’ s current Defense Minister Auna ... AlmostIncluding the essence of the original imperial empire. In addition, it is not a piece of Tu'ao, and the place is a prisoner.

In addition, Indians, as the second or first subject, are: Mauritius, Guinaa, and a dozen countries.Think about the former Lord Kingdom of India. It took hundreds of years and claimed to be the Empire. In the end, I took a few islands. The main body was still back to this island.Think of Russia, all kinds of massacre and various migration concentration camps, in the end, Bing Ge faced each other.What did the Indians do?I just played the instinct of animals ...