The South China Sea crisis is four volts.
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TheHigh-speed information website Philippines is very unrealistic this year in the South China Sea, but we also have the way to treat it.Recently, the two personnel changes of the Chinese military are worthy of our attention. One is Dong Jun, the former commander of China, Dong Jun, as the Minister of Defense and becoming the first defense director of China.commander.For the changes in our military's personnel, the United States and the Philippines must understand the two signals. What is it?

The South China Sea crisis is four volts.

First of all, there is a big background here, that is, the United States is constantly provoking trouble in the South China Sea today, and the warships and military planes are sent to the direction of the South China Sea every three differences.Recently, it is reported that an aircraft carrier in the United States is dazzling in the South China Sea, and the United States has also encouraged the Philippines to fight against China, which has made the South China Sea more and more dangerous.

The new Minister of Defense, Dong Jun, is the first defense director of China's navy. He has a very rich experience in the Navy. He has not only served as a naval commander. Earlier, he also held a key position in the Beihai Fleet, the East China Fleet, and the Southern theater.It can be seen that Dong Jun himself knows the situation of the Chinese Navy very well.At this time, we appointed a general who knows the navy as the Minister of Defense, which is enough to explain that in the future military layout and foreign military exchanges, the ocean will be one aspect that we are very concerned about, especially in the direction of the South China Sea, between China and the United States, China and the United StatesWill there be conflicts?Will there be conflicts between China and the Philippines?Everyone is paying attention to these, and our new defense ministers will definitely take these things as the focus, and will not let Mei Fei Hu Lai.

Another is Hu Zhongming, the new naval commander. If you look at his resume, you will know that the signal released by the Philippines is more clear.General Hu Zhongming has been serving in the Navy for a long time and has been serving in the Navy for a long time. He has participated in major exercises and exercise tasks many times, and he also has the experience of controlling conventional submarines, new nuclear submarines, and missile destroyers.In particular, the new nuclear submarine can be said to be a strategic weapon in China. If there is a conflict between China and the United States, this is the confidence we speak.Because the submarines are more hidden compared to the weapons of land and empty bases, they have greater deterrence for the United States.Now on the South Island Reef, the reason why the Philippines dare to provoke crazy is to feel that there is the United States behind the back, and our new naval commander Hu Zhongming is exactly the "sea ability" who confronts the United States.That is, China is not afraid of the United States standing behind the Philippines. The Philippines expects to borrow the United States' hands to erode our legitimate rights and interests in the South China Sea.