"Classic reproduction of peace -Chinese calligraphy and painting art boutique exhibition" opened in Tokyo, Japan
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  Xinhuanet,实时新闻 Tokyo, December 21 (Reporter Guo Dan) The opening ceremony of the "Classic Reappear and Building Peace -Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition" was recently held in the Museum of Fine Arts Museum in Japan -China Friendship Hall in Tokyo.This exhibition was co -sponsored by the China United Painting and Calligraphy Academy and the Japan -China Cultural Exhibition Association. Nearly 200 people from Chinese calligraphy and painters, friendly people in Japanese calligraphy and painting participated in the opening ceremony.

  Some works of the exhibition hall of "Classic Reappear and Building Peace -Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition".(Reporter Guo Dan)

  Su Shizheng, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, said in his speech that the source of Chinese and Japanese cultural exchanges is long. As an important symbol representing the characteristics of a country and national cultural characteristics, calligraphy and painting are an important carrier to undertake Chinese and Japanese cultural exchanges. It not only witnesses the profound culture of the two countriesThe course of art exchanges also creates a model for Asian civilization exchanges.

  Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama came to the exhibition by Ji Fu.Hatoyama said in his speech that there are many languages in the world, but only Chinese characters have developed language into the highest art.This year is the 45th anniversary of the conclusion of the Japanese -China Friendship Treaty. Japanese calligraphy originated from China, but it is different from Chinese calligraphy.It is hoped that the people and artists of Japan and China will look at each other with each other's viewing perspectives and enjoy each other with joy.

  Qingliu, Chief of the former Cultural Department of Japan and Honorary President of the Japan -China Cultural Exhibition Association, regularly tells the origin of Chinese characters in China and Japan.Qingliu officially stated that Chinese characters are important text symbols in world language, and calligraphy allows more people in the world to understand Chinese characters.It is hoped that through calligraphy exhibitions, the people of the two countries will be enhanced by the people's understanding of each other.

  Chen Yan praised by the Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Japan that since the establishment of the China UNLC Painting and Calligraphy Institute, he has actively promoted the international exchanges of Chinese culture with literary friends and made a positive contribution to promoting the outstanding traditional Chinese culture.This exhibition will also help the mutual understanding and friendship of the people of China and Japan.

  At the venue, Huang Xingyuan, the representative of the Chinese and China Friendship Hall, Wu Dakai, Dean of the China Snow Painting Academy, and Ge Jun, director of the Zisha Culture Research Center of the China Ceramics Culture Research Institute, also spoke as participants.