The party group of the Provincial Government held a meeting to emphasize the implementation of the political responsibility to pay close attention to the implementation of the work to achieve the firs
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  Reporter Liu Lu reported on January 2nd,热门事件 the first day of work on the New Year's Day holiday, the party group of the provincial government held a meeting to convey the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's recent important speech and important instructions.The provincial basic situation reports, research and deployment related work.Li Lecheng, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Governor, and Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Government, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Central Committee, implement General Secretary Xi Jinping in the new era to promote the spirit of important speeches at the Seminar of the NortheastThe target tasks determined by the Economic Work Conference and the specific requirements of the proposed will be implemented until the entire process and aspects of the government work this year, improve the political sensitivity, the curement of the correct concept of political achievements, concentrate on the "eight major tackling", and win the three -year action tackling tackling.The annual tackling battle firmly supports the "two establishment" and resolutely achieve "two maintenance" with practical actions.

  The meeting pointed out that during the New Year's Day, departments at all levels and departments conscientiously implemented the requirements of the China Office and the State Council's "Notice on Doing the New Year's Day in 2024", strengthen organizational leadership, earnestly arrange related work during the holiday period, and make every effort to ensure the majority of enterprises and the masses.The demand for festival production and living and the security and stability of the overall situation has achieved stable production safety, sufficient market supply, hot cultural tourism market, recovery of consumer market, smooth and orderly heating gas supply, smooth transportation network, strong people's health guarantee, harmonious social and stable social, all the social harmony and stability, all the social harmony and stability.The people of the province survived a stable and peaceful festival.

  The meeting emphasized that in the new year, we must thoroughly implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, firmly grasp the important mission of Liaoning in maintaining the country's "five major security", and adhere to the stability of advancement, promoting stability, establishing first, then break, anchoring, anchoring, anchoring, anchorThe target positioning of the "six places" in the new era is to implement the overall revitalization and new breakthrough three -year actions as the general traction, and promote the effective improvement of the economy and the reasonable growth of the amount.It is necessary to firmly grasp the people -centered development ideas, in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee, focus on this year's key tasks and various goals and tasks, with the sense of responsibility and active responsibility of "rest assured".In the tackling year of tackling, with the greatest determination, the best state, the most realistic style, and the strongest motivation, we will make every effort to promote various tasks, and strive to seize the "opening of the door" in the first quarter to ensure that the annual target tasks are fully completed.