"Good Family Style Health" 2023 China Family Health Conference holding a broadcast article in Beijing
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China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter Liu Yirong) Many years ago,real time news website Lin Lin's son had a serious car accident. After a whole year, she kept going to the hospital for recovery.In addition to his son, Lin Lin also has a daughter.The accident caused Lin Lin to change the education method of children. She began to take the children to participate in various public welfare activities.

Talking about the reasons for participating in public welfare activities, Lin Lin said that her son was helped by many people after a car accident. She wanted to give back to the society and hope that the children would participate in social activities more."I think this has played a great role in their physical and mental health."

Lin Lin and her family are excellent families screened from 2676 cases in 287 provinces (autonomous regions, cities) across the country.Recently, the "Good Family Style Health Travel" 2023 China Family Health Conference and "Aiwei New Journal of Health China" 2023 The national health theme activities of the National Patriotic Health Movement at the National Patriotic Health Movement were held in Beijing.Lin Lin shared her story at the event, and her daughter Ding Zixuan also came to the scene.Ding Zixuan's most public welfare activities are a project raising funds for children's bazaar.In the process, Lin Lin witnessed her child from ignorance to opening up, and the ability to communicate with others has also improved.

"Wuyun's cracks are where the sun came in." After listening to Lin Lin's sharing, the host of the event said that in the process of love transmission, he could better feel the value of everyone as a social individual.

Liu Jing, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University and director of the Children's Psychological Health Center, said at the round table forum that parents are examples to provide children with a stable, warm and harmonious family atmosphere.The family environment is very important to promote the mental health of children and adolescents.

"The world is in the country, and the country of the country is at home." Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission and member of the party group, said in his speech that family health is the cornerstone of the health of the whole people and the key to building a healthy China.It is hoped that the health departments of various places will take the promotion of family health as the starting point, and further deepen the new model of the government's health governance, the guidance of the association, the participation of the family, and the sharing of sharing.The magic weapon of work is transformed into a specific action to promote the patriotic health movement and improve the health and well -being of the people. Everyone competes with participants in the construction of healthy China, and every family has become the beneficiary of the construction of healthy China.

The patriotic health movement is the successful practice of the party's use of the mass line on health and disease prevention. It is an important measure to comprehensively promote the construction of healthy China in the new era.Mao Qunan, deputy director of the National Affairs Office of Health and the National Health and Health Commission and the Department of Information Technology, said that the implementation of a healthy Chinese strategy is an inherent requirement to ensure the people's happy and healthy life. The patriotic health movement is an important measure to implement a healthy Chinese strategy.The reason why the healthy family style can become the direction of the whole people is because people are pursuing health and gaining health, and they can enjoy a happy life.In 2023, the promotion of family health themes has made quite rich practice in promoting family health and happiness across the country.

He Xiang, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Secretary -General of the China Family Planning Association, introduced the China Family Planning Association and the National Agricultural Rural Affairs Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Health and Health Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the National Women's Federation in 2023.Promote the relevant situation of activities.Among them, the collection of good stories of "Healthy Home · You Yu" and the "Healthy Home · Taste" case collection as a key activity. Since its development, the social response has been enthusiastic and the masses have participated enthusiastically.

It is understood that the conference was guided by the China Family Planning Association, the National Aiwei Office, and the Chinese Red Cross Association.Essence