What are the failures of the Ming Dynasty governance?
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In theory, there is no most perfect, only more perfect. Based on the reality of the time, what flaws can be avoided by the Ming Dynasty governance?

Compared with the feudal dynasty and modern rabbits, it is definitely not comparable.However, each dynasty has one or two great achievements, and even we cannot reach:

The sons of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the rule of law of the Qin Dynasty, the strength of the Han Dynasty, the culture of the Tang Dynasty, the economy of the Song Dynasty, the expeditionary army of the Yuan Dynasty, and the territory of the Qing Dynasty were all the vertices of ancient and modern China and foreign countries.Take out the philosophy of life.

Only the Ming Dynasty, none of them could crush the ancient and modern.

As long as you compare with Qing and Qing, Ming Fan scolds you to be full.

The process of getting the country is as despicable as Jin:

Why isn't Chongzhen in the end of the Ming Dynasty withdrew from Nanjing, like Tang Xuanzong's own recruitment?

(Play other anti -Yuan heroes into a "demon" and recognize the Yuan Dynasty as a father. This operation is not anyone. Liu Bang won the world, and he did not say that King Chu Huai and Xiang Yu were anti -thieves.Essence

At the end of the dynasty, the people did not talk about the heroic heroes.

How did Chen Sheng write about the history of the Qin Dynasty?Chen She's Family!That is to say, although Chen Sheng failed, the Han Dynasty also agreed that others were a hero.

Zhao Song usurpped Chai, and also gave the Chai family wealthy, and Zhu Yuanzhang directly killed Han Lin'er)

(Sima's: We are not so shameless)

The most waste clan:

Why can't Zhu Yuanzhang kill the officials?

Daming's famous general Qi Jiguang, the biggest skill is: defeated thousands of malnourished pirates at home (kicking Beihai Kindergarten?)

(Why is it "寇" Kou?)

What BUG -level existence is there in the history of war?

This is Huo Qubing, away vertical and horizontal grassland:

How to evaluate Huo Qubing?

Daming's main scientific research achievements Maternal Compendium:

The dirt under the hanging person can treat scare and epilepsy.No!

Human courage is a dead person, and there are things under it such as bran, and they can be digged in real time.If you don't dig, you must have a disaster.The heart of the town, soothing, frightened and mad, wear it.- "Compendium of Materia Medica"

Zheng He, who blows the sky, is the level of the Yuan Dynasty for a long time:

Why is Zheng He going to the West in history so famous in history?


Don't blame me to hang up after entering the comment area.

The magic of Ming Fan lies in its logic. Any indicator always finds the worst dynasty comparison, and then draws the powerful conclusion of Daming.

Culture -Compared with the Qing Dynasty!Zhuang Daming!

Democracy -Compared with Qin Dynasty!Beautiful!

Stable -Compared with East Zhou!Strong!

Funeral -Compared with Shang Dynasty!Ren Yu Daming!

National Equality -Compared with the Yuan Dynasty!Weiyi Daming!

Women's status -ah!this.EssenceEssenceand.EssenceEssenceCompared with India?

Any most powerful projects in any other dynasty exceeded the ability to crowns ancient and modern. Only the Ming Dynasty and the most powerful projects can only ensure that it is not the penultimate.

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How can the Qing Dynasty be powerful in the Ming Dynasty.In the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was the first country in the history of Chinese history. At the same time, the Qing Dynasty was still the country with the most unequal treaties in history. In addition, the Qing Dynasty was one of the countries with the most opium in the world at that time.There are many cows in the Qing Dynasty, and a sentence would rather give AIA and have not been deafening with her family.
In contrast, what are the Ming Dynasty?The Ming Dynasty was the first dynasty in Chinese history to protect the country with firearms.That is, Zheng He went to the west to register the king of various countries, and also turned North Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries into the Affiliated Kingdom of the Ming Dynasty.It has also completed the achievements of the most affiliated dynasty in the Ming Dynasty.
What is Daming?Open thoughts, sexual liberation and even Xu Jun's remarks.Open the Silk Road to Europe.In the 300 -year dynasty, there have been glory and embarrassment, but the world knows that there is a Zhenghe invincible fleet in the East worldwide. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, European colonial dreams for the East were crushed, allowing East India to pay taxes on Daming.

Do you know why I think Ming Fan is disgusting?In order to prove that it is not better than Qing Yuli and even eight shares and eating households.