Foreign media: The shortage of Urban foreign aid has reduced the shortage of ammunition, and some military operations have been reduced
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    According to the Singapore's "United Zaobao" website reported on December 18, a senior general of a Ukrainian army said that the Ukraine was forced to reduce some military operations due to insufficient foreign aid to the problem of the shortage of artillery shells.

    Reuters reported on the 18th that the Ukrainian Army Senior General Talnavuski said: "There is a (shortage) problem in ammunition, especially the shells of the Soviet era, that is, 122 mm and 152 mm.The entire front line. "

    Before the Talnovsky interview, the Republican Republican councilor rejected the US $ 60 billion of U -end aid facilities for the Bayeon administration. Hungary also rejected the EU's initiative to provide Kiev's $ 54.5 billion assistance.

    Talnovsky said that the reduction in the aid of the allies has affected the war that lasted for nearly 22 months, and emphasized that the shortage of artillery shells is a major issue facing the Ukraine.

    He said that the exhausted Ukrainian army adopted a defensive strategy in the southeast front line, but it also advanced through maneuverability and firepower in other regions. "We are reserve for further large -scale actions."

    On the other hand, the Russian army launched an attack on the eastern front of the front line, trying to surround the Eastern Strategic Town Afjevca.Talnavsky, who is responsible for the local defense, said: "Their (Russian army) intention has not changed. The only problem is that their actions have changed, and tactics have changed ... The attacks continue to happen."