The army's new year's military training is the first line.
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Sandfield wind and thunder movement training like a rainbow

——Sessage from the first line of military training in the new year of the army

  At the beginning of the New Year,爆料资讯 the wind and thunder was moved on the training ground.From the northern Xinjiang side of the snowy and snowy sides to the shores of the sunny South China Sea, from the rolling East China Sea outpost to the inaccessible snowy plateau, the military and soldiers of the army have worked hard to win the ability, showing the training scene of living tiger and hot and lively.

  The sequence is more replaced, and the history is in mind the hard work of the struggle;At present, the time to achieve the 100 -year -old struggle for the establishment of the army has reached the period of hard work. The officers and soldiers of the entire army must start with high standards.Surprove the answer sheet of the era.

  A brigade of the Central Theater of the Central Theater-

  Frequent emotion frequently refine the actual combat ability

  ■ PLA reporter Han Cheng special correspondent Wang Yue

  "You can take off!" At the beginning of the new year, a brigade in the Central Theater of the Central Ama was launched a multi -element flight training.With the commander an order, several helicopters rose empty, and quickly formed a combat formation according to the reconnaissance, firepower, transportation and other modules to quickly maneurate the task airspace.

  On the way, the helicopter formation encountered the cloud group, the unit was calm and calm, and quickly pulled the flight distance, and quickly rushed out of the cloud group.

  "Discover‘ enemy ’air defense firepower!” Special emotion, the crew reacted quickly. According to the data information returned by the air reconnaissance module, the combat formation was transformed, and the radar detection and firepower blockade were cleverly avoided.

  "We carefully organize the new year's military training, adhere to the steady and steady, steady progress, and strengthen the ability to integrate each model into the combat system." The leader of the brigade introduced that the training set the course according to actual combat standards and disposes special conditions.The ability.

  The iron wing railled, and the ground was soaring.Press rods, rudder, rugged turn ... The reporter saw that several fighters jumped up again after completing a high standard of a fighter aircraft and quickly moved to another airspace.

  It is understood that the brigade organizes the installation training of real soldiers in strange airspace to promote the start of the new year's military training with a new look and high standards.In the next step, they will conduct targeted training around the coordination of the open space, the guidance of the firepower, and the multi -rope settlement, and refine the actual combat capabilities of the army.

  A brigade of the Air Force in the Northern Theater-

  Real case training inspection and war training method

  ■ PLA reporter Li Jianwen Correspondent Lu Tailai

  The chariot roar, radar railning, and missiles.With a rapid alarm, the Northern Theater Air Force Air Force's new year's military training kicked off.The officers and soldiers quickly ran to the battle position and launched practical case -based confrontation training.

  The brigade leader introduced that they embed many special sentiments into the new year's military training, inspected the results of preliminary research and training in practical countermeasures, and steadily improved the actual combat capabilities of the troops.

  In the command square, the screen flickered, the data is flowing, and the keyboard sounds one after another."Discover the target!" The light spot flashed on the radar display, the operator accurately captured the "enemy" goal, and the commander quickly analyzed the characteristics of the goal.

  "Cooperate with the No. 1 plan!" With the instructions, the operations quickly launched the operation.Suddenly, the target disappeared, the radar was disturbed by electromagnetic, and the screen suddenly had a "snowflake".In the face of emergencies, radar operators change search mode, and quickly capture target signals.With the commander an order, the fire unit hit the target accurately.

  "New year's military training must firmly establish a clear guidance from difficult to grasp the troops." The leader of the brigade said that officers and soldiers practiced coordination, warning methods, and solving problems in confrontation, and effectively improved their combat hard work.

  At the end of the training, the commander immediately recovered with the owner of the team to sum up and summarized, sorted out the shortcomings exposed by item by item, and planned the next improvement measures.

  A Detachment of the Navy of the Southern Theater-

  Opening the door training system sharp blade

  ■ PLA reporter Chen Dianhong correspondent Yang Jie

  With the launch of the new year's military training, a new wind in the Southern Theater's Navy's Detachment: Many ships form a combat formation to split waves. Officers and soldiers joined hands with the institution's scientific research team to carry out solid training.

  The formation commander introduced that they have established a normal joint research mechanism with relevant colleges and universities, and regularly carry out combat law seminars and equipment trial training with experts and professors of colleges and universities.

  In the training of training, the sound of battle alerts suddenly rang through the sea and air.Faced with the attack on the "enemy", the officers and soldiers moved, and they all armed to the battle position.The direction of the command room was one after another, and each ship was closely coordinated to quickly adjust the array to form an air defense formation.

  "Lock the target!" "Shooting!" Each ship of the formation responded quickly, attacked decisively, destroying multiple batch of "enemy" air targets.

  The smoke in the air is not scattered, and the special affection at the sea is reaching: the goal of many unknown water is approaching the formation.After judging the nature of the target, the formation commander quickly ordered to adjust the formation ...