The original Indian population is growing, and the area is less than one -third of China. Why not control the population?
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Original title: India's population is 一手资讯growing, and the area is less than one -third of China. Why not control the population?

China is currently the first country in the world, and India ranks second.Our Chinese Spring Festival is crowded every year. Because the Chinese population explodes, it is difficult to find a vote for transportation such as high -speed rail and aircraft during the Spring Festival.But India is more exaggerated than us. You can see that the roofs of many trains are full of Indians.So why does the Indian country less than one -third of China, do not control it when the population is growing?

We must first understand the national conditions of India. India's land area is only 2.98 million square kilometers. This area is less than one -third of our country, but India's population is close to us.In recent years, our country has advocated family planning, and now opening the second child is only to provide future labor and slow down the aging process of population.But India is different. They always think that the population is the first productive forces. The more people, the stronger the productivity.

Is this good or bad?It depends on which perspective you have, the gap between the rich and the poor in India is the largest in the world, and the poor people account for a large part of the world.If you are standing from the perspective of the poor, the more people, the greater the competition.Market labor relations will always be in short supply, which is not conducive to the survival of ordinary people at all.However, if you stand on the perspective of the government or enterprise, the population is more, but because the people's labor value has not increased, the economic growth will be faster.

In fact, India has become the fourth largest economic system in the world, and they have developed well in some cutting -edge technology fields.The total GDP of India has surpassed most countries in the world, but the living standards of the people have not improved.In order to pursue the development of India's economic speed, they do not control their population, and create more wealth through cheap labor.If you want to impact in developed countries in this way, this way is good or bad, and no one knows, but the practical significance and benefits brings to the people are really bad.

On the other hand, India does not control the population because of military demand.It can be said that the thought of war in India still stayed in the last century. The modern war, manpower factors, but not absolute.However, India is different. The way they adopt are always the sea of people. The consequences of this will only increase the burden on the country.India's population does not control, and unlimited growth is actually not conducive to the people to become rich.However, India relies on the population in both economic and military aspects, and I don't know if India will make a little change in the end.