The Israeli Army expanded in the central and southern military operations Hamas said that the detaisted person will not be exchanged before the ceasefire
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  For nearly three months of Pakistani ’s new round of conflicts,热门事件 the two sides were still continuing.The Gaza Strip Health Department issued a statement on December 29, local time, saying that since the outbreak of the Palestinian Pakistani conflict in Japan in October 7, 21507 Palestinians have died in Israel's military operations on the Gaza Strip, and another 55,915 people were injured.


  The Israeli army said that it is expanding military operations in the central and southern parts of Gaza

  On the evening of December 29, local time, the Israeli National Defense Force spokesman Daniel Hagari issued a statement saying that the Israeli Army was expanding its military operations (Hamas) in the middle of the Gaza Strip and the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

  Higheri stated in a statement that Israeli recently launched a large -scale air strike on the goal of the Allah in Lebanon, which aims to drive it away from the northern border of Israel.

  Israel said to destroy Hamas leaders in the hiding apartment in the north of Gaza Strip

  On the evening of December 29, according to the Israeli National Defense Force, the Israeli army discovered and destroyed the leader of Hamasa's belt leader Ye Haiya Sima, located in a hidden apartment in northern Gaza and the tunnel system below it.

  Hamas has no response to this.

  Hamas official: Gaza will not exchange the detainee before the fire is completely stopped

  Hamas senior official Barcelum Nay said on December 29 that Hamas will not exchange or conduct related negotiations before the Israeli army stops military operations in the Gaza Strip, but Hamas, but HamasAn open attitude towards any "political initiative and plan that can end the war in the Gaza Strip."

  Nay also emphasized that the post -war Gaza governance problem was the internal affairs of Palestine, and "it can only be determined by the Palestinian leadership."

  The Egyptian government said the day before, the Egyptian government said that it had drafted a Gama Strip's ceasefire framework agreement, including the full ceasefire through three stages. At present, the agreement has been submitted to the relevant parties.

  Humanitarian situation

  304 people have died on the west bank of the Jordan River, including 79 children

  The United Nations Rebellion and Engineering Office (near Eastern Relief Engineering Office) on December 29th, local time, released on the social media, saying that a total of 504 Palestinians have died on the west bank of the Jordan River since 2023.Since the outbreak of Pakistani conflict in Japan in October 7, 304 people have died on the west bank of the Jordan River, including 79 children.

  2023 is the year since the number of casualties began to record the number of casualties in the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Department.

  At least 308 people have been killed in the UN Relief Project Office

△ On December 13, local time, the Palestinian family who displaced the displaced area of the Gazalafa area set up temporary tents near the logistics base near the East Relief Project.

  The United Nations Rebeling Project Office released on December 29 on social media that since the outbreak of Pakistani ’s new round of conflicts, at least 308 of the shelters of the Near East Relief Project were killed and 1095 were injured.Near East Relief Engineering Office said, "It is unsafe anywhere in Gaza."

  International sound

  UN Secretary -General Gutres expressed concerns about the risk of Palestinian conflict overflow

  On December 29, local time, UN Secretary -General Gutres issued a statement through a spokesman to express concern to the spillover risks caused by Palestinian -Israeli conflict.

  Gutres said that the longer the conflict of the Gaza Strip, the greater the threat to the exposure to a larger area.He warned that if the conflict spread further, it might cause devastating consequences to the entire area.

  Gutres urges all parties to maintain a maximum restraint and take emergency measures to ease the tension in the region.He once again urged the international community to do what he could and use his impact on the relevant parties to prevent the regional situation from upgrading.