[Jugging Dialogue] | Fang Yiyuan: Creation is like eating a skin with a cash orange
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"Jugglers" Themoment information website Academy of Fine Arts Outstanding Graduation Works Joint Exhibition brings together many outstanding graduates of the eight major art colleges in China. For these young artists, they are full of infinite vitality like the rising dawn. Their works are full of vitality and creativity.It can bring us new visual impact and thinking enlightenment.

Each piece of the exhibition is a unique story, which carries the emotion and inspiration of the artists.They are the witnesses of time, the explorer of aesthetics, the transmitter of the thought, and also represent the unremitting efforts and the spirit of the pursuit of excellence.

Taking this opportunity, we talk to the artist of "Jug", leading everyone to learn more about the concepts, creative experiences, and the stories behind the works of Chinese young artists.

Interview | Interview

artist:Fang Yiyuan

Participate in the exhibition

2023 "Earth" series into 2023 "Zengzhu Shao Sculpture Art Scholarship"

2022 "Understanding as the Come" youth artist group exhibition

2021 "David" was shortlisted for "2021 Swiss Painting & Digital Art Online Contest"

2021 "Cloudly Emotional Expression" shortlisted "2021 Swiss Painting & Digital Art Online Contest"

2021 The 11th Natural Online Art Competition of the Light and Space Art Museum of "Bagital Series -Yangli Da Xian"

2021 "Food Sex, Sex also" "The Third American Abstract Art Online Competition" -On Honor Award

2021 "Deep Breathing" "The Third abstract Art Online Competition in the United States" -onon Honor Award

2021 "Alchemy Furnace" "The Third Iriginal Art Online Contest in the United States" was shortlisted

2021 "Xiang Police" Founding Party Centennial Hero Portrait Competition -third place

2020 "David" was shortlisted for the first "From Seville to China: Venezuel Kaz Painting & Sculpture Competition"

2020 "Mongolian Girl" was shortlisted for the first "From Seville to China: Congrathacaz Painting & Sculpture Competition"

2019 "David" was selected into the Chinese art design yearbook

AggregateFang Yiyuan

"Earth Series" FRP wood

Nourishing all things on the earth, people should look up at spontaneous combustion.The morphology of Shaman's cultural elements in sculpture creation has a strong sense of mystery and mystery.Common Shaman cultural elements include the body, eagle head, and leading body.These mysterious symbolization volumes are often associated with the spiritual connotation of Shaman culture and resonate.

Q,:What is your original intention?

A,:,The original intention was to satisfy my expression of expression and read a sentence in the book: "When the pain of not creating exceeds the pain of creation, the artist will start creating." The creation itself is accompanied by all uncertainty.Every day, you can draw a lot, and you can communicate with yourself if no one talks, just like eating a sugar orange with a blindfold.Most of my creation comes from sketching, and it will be organized every time, and I find that I did n’t get the taste of eating oranges at a certain time."Pain" appears urgently to express, and finally say it through sculpture.

"Eater also" 120*100cm

Q,:What is your creative process?

A,:,Listen to music, eat snacks, and go out.When things enter the eyes, returning to static is the so -called "blind eye" that starts to explore sketching and rapid plastic, just like the narration of "Perfume" "He can even master the re -combined technology between smells through his imagination.Existing odor. "After finding" Orange ", the beginning of the small manuscript was the beginning of the small manuscript, and the orange nucleus, orange peel, and orange meat were dishearted.After the layout is completed, enlarged, convert materials, and color.Complete expression in the state of excitement.

"Alchemy Furnace" 40*40cm

Q,:Are there some creative experience sharing?

A,:,It is very difficult for artistic creation to relax and face your own fear.When you start creating, you will definitely look forward to the work and hope to achieve more achievements.The purpose will be separated from the work itself.Worried that your work is not understood, acceptable and recognized by others.The work itself has life. I am an expression.

"Earth -Daniel" 70*67*90cm wooden glass reinforcement

"Daniel" shaped a shaman image that wearing a cow head mask covered with fur. By exaggerating its shape into a full sphere, the taller body of the arched back is larger, which reflects the power and oppression of bulls and oppression.Feel a stronger visual impact.

"Earth -Old Bag" 150*30*100cm Tiemu FRP

"Old Magnoma" shaped the image of the eagle first body, wings, squatting the image of a stone pillar. The wide and flat wings are stretched out to form a capital T -shaped with the overall front.It brings the audience to stretch the wings and bless the sacred sense of the Holy Spirit to block the disaster, echoing the theme of Shaman's Shaman from the time of human beings, which brings a stronger visual impact to the audience to impress it.The creator achieved a strong visual impact through the performance of the styling, cooperation with posture, and type relationship of elements.Bleak

"Earth -Calling" 55*55*95cm wooden glass reinforcement

"Calling" has shaped a drum -shant image. Among them, with the swinging clothing and the feathers of the rooster on the body, the superposition of the lines on the fan surface seems to make it more powerful, highlighting the shaman to knock the drum drum on the drum.The process is unrestrained.The feather patterns in the round headgear, the antlers and the lines of the drumsticks reflect the comprehensive characteristics of its various animals as if the combination of the nature of nature makes it more agile.Sex makes it stronger.

"Earth -Hidden" 52*30*80cm wooden glass reinforcement

"Hidden" has shaped the female image wearing a peacock suit. The wide clothes expanded into a plump cone as if they were supported by the wind, making the audience feel intangible style, and the deep and cold color made the audience a sense of foggy distance distance.From the mystery of the natural element to the audience

"Earth -Arf" 34*40*100cm Wooden Pillar

In "Hugs", the image of a woman embrace a big fish is shaped. The texture of the sculpture overall dry sand and the effect of low point exudation makes the audience have the hope of dry soil from the inside.The image of a woman and the movement of the embrace is mysterious and kind. The moisture exuding moisture is like the flow of the life of the big fish and recovers from the inside out, making the audience feel the precious water and the hope brought by it.

"Earth -Tongfu" 45*30*60cm wooden glass reinforcement

"Children's Fun" shaped a child image wearing an exaggerated beetle mask with one hand to send flowers.Due to the image, the size of the sculpture is small according to the volume with fine wooden stakes as the overall height of the base of 180 centimeters. The location of the flower in the hand is about 160 cm to make different audiences feel the cuteness of the children giving flowers from the children from a relatively suitable angle.move.And the placement of the entire exhibition space and the flow of the audience have been carefully designed.


"Cloud Emotional Express"

"Essence -Deer Light Fairy"

"Essence -Yangli Da Xian"


"Emotional expression"

"Deep Breathing"


"Uninhabited" waste sofa

"Standing on the field of hope"


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