Wu'an, Hebei: Cultural Master Studio Lit the art dream of children in the mountains
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In the winter of Taihang Mountain warm sun,一线资讯 children in Huoling Water Township, Wu'an City, Hebei Province walked into the Jiahaiquan Cultural Master Studio in front of the house. Through a public welfare class of art, they came into contact with art closely to understand the actual creative process of the artist and buried in their hearts.The seeds of art, and this is also a microcosm of the construction of a famous cultural master studio in Wu'an.

Since the beginning of this year, Wu'an has actively promoted the construction of a famous cultural artist studio, encouraged and guided cultural masters to enter the grassroots, and took cultural famous studios as the position.Daily life.

As "so close, so beautiful, weekend to Hebei" brand is continuously rooted in people's hearts, Jia Haiquan Cultural Famous Studio was established in the Dongtai Museum of Wu'an City.The art world, also feeds this mountain with practical actions."Opening the art public welfare class in the Cultural Studio is just the beginning. In the future, a series of activities will be done. The seeds of art are buried in the hearts of children in the mountains, so that they can better achieve the future." Jia Haiquan said.