Can a line of words change a world?the answer is……
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"Promise me, keep hope forever." Can the word change a world?In this suspense musical "Fiction", each audience is looking for their respective answers ...

At the beginning, maybe we feel that maybe this will be a slightly old -fashioned suspense story.However, when you walk into the theater, you will find that you have seen hundreds of similar stories, this time brings new tricks.With the characteristics of a new immersive experience and reasoning elements, compared with the plane -based suspenseful exploration story, the audience has more opportunities to participate in the story of the story and reveal the truth of the incident with the protagonist.

Although the entire story is actually a sad tone, at the end of the story, the musical novel did not forcibly locate the character, but instead left the audience space for white.After watching each drama, you will find that it has more places that are worth thinking about and exploring repeatedly, so that we can clarify the storyline of the plot and the logic and fetters between characters.

Real life is far more like novels than "novels".This cold winter can bring you a little surprise musical, even if it only changed a person, left a seed of hope, let it grow quietly to germinate, and it also changed the world.Welcome to the editorial department of the novel again!