14 special installation booth companies participate in 2024 (spring) Asia Charging Show
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2024 (Spring) Asia Charging Show will be held from March 20th to 22nd in Hall No. 6,速递资讯 Futian Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen., PI, Ter Ruixiang, Shounoxin, Nenghua, Yingnuo Saico and other 14 special installation booth companies participated in the exhibition.

Asia Charging Expo, referred to as ACE, was sponsored by the charging head. The exhibition is based on the modern international urban group Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area. It is one of the most extensive energy electronic technology exhibitions in the world.Technology Industry event.Thanks to the strong professionalism, exhibitors and audience coverage, the Asian charging exhibition enjoys a considerable popularity worldwide.It has now become a window for major power companies in the world to release product information and display the latest technology.

In recent years, the Asian charging exhibition has attracted thousands of upstream and downstream industrial chain companies in the world to participate, covering the original chip's original factory, manufacturer, solution dealer, brand business, channel merchants, etc.;The Asian charging exhibition has been well praised to the industry, and many people in the industry have planned this exhibition as an important itinerary every year.

Three conferences

The three industry summits held at the same period of the 2024 (spring) Asian charging exhibition will also be held as scheduled.

The theme and time of the summit are as follows:

March 20 (Wednesday), 2024 Asia Fast Charging Conference

March 21 (Thursday), 2024 Asia Wireless Charging Conference

March 22 (Friday), 2024 World Nitrogen Moisturizing Conference

2024 (spring) Asian charging booth layout map.

Special Enterprise Introduction

The following companies are arranged in order of booth numbers regardless of the booth number.

Booth number A23, 24, 25, 26: Yongyuan Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Yongyuan Microelectronics --- All series of PD mobile power MOS

British Jixin MOS MOS Tube Strategic Cooperation Brand

Yongyuan Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and was formerly an IR (international rectifier) Taiwan foundry. It inherited the IR's advanced production process and has a complete DC-DC, Gate Driver and other semiconductor devices.Proficient in power device (TRENCH, SGT, Planar, COOL MOS), BCD 5V-60V process, CMOS 5V-600V process and other platforms.

With the support of many technical support, Yongyuan Microelectronics adheres to independent innovation, close to the market, and is committed to the promotion of the "APM, Yongyuan Microelectronics" brand.The electronic industry provides better and efficient products.

The purpose of Yongyuan Microelectronics: Comprehensive, professional, excellent!

Yongyuan Microelectronics Vision: The best quality semiconductor solution supplier!

Yongyuan Micro Electronics insists on: continuous innovation, close to the market, serve customers, and improve themselves!

Booth number B09, 10, 27, 28: Shanghai Nanxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Nanxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Nanxin Technology, stock code: 688484). It is a high -performance domestic semiconductor design company focusing on power supply, battery management and embedded., Wireless charging, fast charging protocol, lithium battery protection, automotive electronics and other product lines, based on independent research and development of core technologies such as lifting voltage voltage charging, charge pumps, and GAN direct drives, have launched a variety of star products, which have been widely recognized in the industry.

Nanxin Technology can provide the end -to -end wired and wireless complete fast charging solutions from AC to battery, and the product covers 10W to 240W power level range.The charging and charging series of the charge pump and the lifting voltage switching series of fast charge products will break foreign monopoly. It has passed the certification of many well -known brand smartphones, tablets and other well -known brands at home and abroad and has achieved large -scale mass production; DCDC, cable charging, wireless charging and embedded typesAgreement products are widely used in markets such as consumption and pan-industry; and multiple types of products have passed the AEC-Q100 car quality certification, which can provide complete vehicle wireless and wired charging solutions, and realize front-loading mass production among various models.Essence

Nanxin Technology has a strong R & D and system team, an independent quality control team, and the sales and support teams close to customers to escort the development and design of high -quality products.Nanxin Technology has been widely recognized and supported by the upstream and downstream industrial chains and capital, and has obtained capital blessings of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Fund, SMIC, Sequoia Capital, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, etc., helping the company to continue and rapidly grow upEssence

Nanxin Technology products have frequently appeared among products such as Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, Anker, Zimi, and the successful production of a variety of car brands proved its products in performance, quality and costMany advantages in other areas.Nanxin Technology adheres to the product concept of "priority and performance priority", adheres to the corporate culture of "pioneering and aggressive, continuously innovative", and is committed to providing customers with system solutions with high performance, high quality and high economic benefits.

Nanxin was born for efficiency.