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Build a better world -learning the New Year's greeting of President Xi Jinping in 20024

If the world is good, China can be good; China is good, and the world is better."We are willing to use the international community, take the future of human beings as the promising, and use the well -being of the people to promote the establishment of a community of human destiny and build a better world."Starting from the common interests of the world and the future of all mankind, it has revealed the common period of the people in the world to the future.

The Communist Party of China is not only a party that seek happiness for the Chinese people and the revival of the Chinese nation, but also the party that seek progress for human beings and seeks the world.After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, we have created the two major miracles of economic development and long -term stability in society, and we have continuously created more opportunities for the world with our own development.In the past 10 years, the average annual contribution rate of China's economy to the growth of world economy has exceeded 30%, which has always been the biggest engine to promote the growth of world economic growth.Regional economic and trade cooperation, expand the network of high -standard free trade zones facing the world, and continue to bring new development opportunities; build a series of major initiatives such as global development initiative, global development initiative, global security initiative, global civilization initiative,And life has driven important progress in global governance in many fields; the successful advancement and expansion of Chinese -style modernization have been successfully promoted and expanded, giving the world's countries and nations that both want to accelerate development and to maintain their independence with great inspiration and encouragement ...China is a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a maintenanceer of international order. The international influence, appeal, and shaping have been significantly improved.

Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation into an irreversible historical process, China in the new era is getting closer to the center of the world stage.Stepping on the new journey, the changes of the world, the changes of the times, and the changes in history are being unfolded in an unprecedented way. The historical trends of peace, development, cooperation, and win -win are unstoppable. The tendency of people's hearts and trends to determine the future of human beings.Building a community of human destiny is the future of the people of all countries in the world.Only in the avenue of the world, harmonious, win -win cooperation, and prosperity can it last for a long time, and security is guaranteed.

Openness brings progress, and closedness will inevitably fall behind.We must adhere to the hard -working theory of high -quality development of this new era, we must follow economic globalization, rely on the large -scale market advantages, and implement a more proactive open strategy."Accelerate the cultivation of new momentum of foreign trade, consolidate the basic market of foreign trade and foreign capital, and expand the market access of intermediate goods trade, service trade, digital trade, cross -border e -commerce exports", "relaxation of telecommunications, medical care and other service industry market access", "continuous construction of marketization, rule of law,, International -based first -class business environment, create a 'investment in China' "," effectively open up the blocking points of foreign personnel to come to China, study, and travel "... China continues to work hard to move forward, as alwaysGlobal governance, more effective multilateral mechanism, and more active regional cooperation to create a free, open, tolerant, and orderly international economic environment.