Which bridge sections in "Game of Thrones" are the shadow of real history or traditional myths?
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The winter has arrived, goodbye

History depth is ---

Son of Forest-ancestors-Anda-Taglian

It is the migration of the Indo -European nation, that is, the Yalian or the R1 series chromosome nation

The son of the forest knows what Martin thinks is

The ancestors were the earliest Celtics who arrived in Europe

The earliest batch of Yalian people arrived in Europe

As early as the vomiting fire Rona who arrived in Asia

The characteristics of Indo -Europe religion at this stage are strong things with spiritualism and natural worship

British Boulder and Druid are the products of this period

You see the big tree of Stark's family
A circle of stele
There are many relics in France
The location is very remote and occasionally found in the wild

The old god of Stark's family --- Face tree --- a form of natural worship of Druid

(This is the same after being stored here, and this is the case again and again.)

Not only in the United Kingdom, there are many European continent
It was a long time before the Roman conquest the Celtics.
The era of sailing than Pepihi people is longer than
Almost the era of the former Bible is already brilliant
Later, the second batch of Aryan people Anda brought the beliefs of the gods
Yali Anzhong Divine Education
It is the myth of Greece, Roman and Northern Europe, as well as the Jacry An religion such as Hindu Persian myths
This stage was actually fused with the early Celtics
There are no rejection reactions and persecution. After all, the rejection response of the cultural rejection of genes is very small.

Many, such as India's Jacry An -Indian European religion, have all things and origin and origin of all things and natural worship.

(This is the same after being stored here, and this is the case again and again.)

For example

Maybe the son of this forest is just Martin's explanation of this religious source similar to the elves

(This is the same after being stored here, and this is the case again and again.)

Then the Tagleyian and the Dragon Age are just the unity of the Indo -Europe nation.

In fact, Tagley's origin of Warelia

It's Rome

And Blaosg is talking about Venice
The assassination of the assassination and establishment of the city -state theory is estimated to be the big family of the assassin's credentials with business and assassination of the country, but the origin is a religious belief.
The origin of Bravez is Valelia's slave
Bravez is a city established by foreign slaves in the Valelia mine

After Rome's decline, many people are descendants of foreign slaves
Basically, in some areas, the genetic has flashed Mimi

The origin of Taglian is Valelia, which is highly prosperous but has been ruined

It is about the decline of Rome, but the prosperity of Europe has originally originated from Rome, which has become ruined
Many high -tech and knowledge originated from Varelia
This Warelia and Silver Elite genes are extremely excellent aristocratic.There is also the second meaning

There is a legendary description --- The Yali Anshen family originally originated from the Remlia mainland

Limeria_ 百度 贴

If you are interested in your English German materials and papers, I really have no mood to use the fineness of writing thesis to make this answer, just give you Baidu Encyclopedia

Small -scale speaking

Seven Kingdoms and Great Walls and Savage

It's just the Great Wall of Rome

The Celtics in the north are the Scottish too fierce

Can't carry it at all, so I repaired the wall

So you see the Savage's actors are all looking for the Scottish appearance
(This is the same after being stored here, and this is the case again and again.)
For example, the actor girl of Jegorine is the Scottish

And the gods and early natural worship really existed for a long time in the north of the wall

Christianity and Greek's gods are very late to be accepted

Therefore, Martin sets to go to the wall north to find a big tree, it is in line with this historical background.

Michael's pyramids and Shenquan slavery are obviously the core of the Flash Mitt nation

Recalling that in the past, when you conquered the world, you are all scum. We have established the Grand Empire

Just like real history
Egypt's civilization and glittering have a wool relationship
The origin of the origin established the form of civilization in Egypt, and the glittering people are just invaders
Just as the Manchu people are as ridiculous as China, it is ridiculous
In other words, the most glorious civilization and free opening of the Arab Empire are the Persians, which are India -Europe. It has nothing to do with the Persian empire.

Most of the sons of the eagle bodies are also the bottom people

Compared with the state of the Arab world for decades

Some people can't see the true face of the name of maintaining traditional religious values to fight outsiders and ordinary people just want to live freely, but they are actually oppressed by these people.

Geographically, there are also some like Italian sailing to the Middle East Bravez to go to the middle of the slave Bay.

What is said to be said to be the slave legion of the ancient Middle East as deadly
Its peak is Mamimi Kok and Turkish relatives

The system and training methods described in the book described in the book in the book for several centuries have improved the system and system of Mammuki.

Turkish relatives are the places where the Ottoman Turks are conquered in Europe and the villages of European ethnic groups surrender their most handsome and strong boys and the most beautiful girls.

Part of the sex slave is partially served as a parent soldier
Arab to the later Ottoman's training techniques for sex slaves and other slaves is very powerful.

High levels and technical content are unusual

The national essence of the native chicken is a residue
The slave personality cultivation is very thorough.

If you know too much, you will find that the nation of these Flash Mitter seems to have an unusual love for playing with and training slaves.
Whether it is the Moore or the genes that have been completely Arabic, Osman, now IS and You*TAI people

The so -called selection is forced to obey this group of dog miscellaneous and kill the whole village
Then I started decades of slave personality training
Show Sanmi Againy's talent for this has never appeared on the slave uprising and what can be loaded into the historical band resistance activity.

Israel's white sex slave trade

This incident occurred in the 1990s to 21st century from the 1990s to the 21st century.
American media refuse to report
All published websites and investigators are malicious prosecution and legal threats
The people of this nation are very good at disguising themselves
(The people in their country themselves said that the gloomy demand government that satisfied the extremely orthodox faction in China was allowed to be allowed to be allowed)
The real reason why Ukraine and Russia were written in the heart of the Ukraine at that time were

Who can suspend the MSL who lasted hundreds of years for hundreds of years, who is the savior of Mrs. East Slap

In fact, the Crimean Khanate, which sells Bai Nu in Russia, and turn over Turkey several times in a row

Jewish prostitute in South America: "Female White Slave" sad journey
1860-1930 This is the era when the globalization of the industrial revolution.
Their nation sells their own nation and then their Labby-clergy and religious law interpreters and leather tersards do this to persecute their nation.
This can no longer be explained by human nature

It can only be said that the nation of the J series Y chromosomes is that the glitter has this strange talent

Including their divine rights system and various Abraham's deed beliefs

And I think genetic decisions of civilization and religious forms
Richard Doukins's work also expounds similar conclusions

Refer to an article written by a German historian
People who do not know Christianity because of Christian anger (if you search yourself, you will not add it yourself)

I think it is actually because Europeans are essentially different genes.
So after nearly a thousand years of spread, Christianity is different from the beginning (although the essence of the deepest core has not changed ...)

The reason is that the nature of the Indo -European national gene is a religion with the history of bloody brutal and evil origin

Because there are many good people and nations, they have incorporated many nobles, heroic and kind beautiful factors in their faith

The history of the past and what they are showing things are showing the inferior root of the gods who did not know which alien came from which alien.

Many kind and naive Chinese believers say virtues and excellent concepts that the characteristics of the Indo -Europe nation have nothing to do with the Lord

Even if the natural worship of the Indo -Europe Department and the God of God and the God of God have not been destroyed by Abraham

The descendants of Odin and Zeus will still create a brilliant civilization

At least 1/3 of the civilized fire species of Huaxia civilization are brought about by the ancient Chinese Indo -European tribes migrated from ancient times

Local primitive Taoism can be considered as a mutation of the natural worship of Indo -Europe religion

And so far, the ancestor worship that is still in the blood that exists in blood

Proto-indo-european religion

In addition, because of involving American dramas and then mentioning the historical details of Spartacus

The dark white race among the slaves in Rome -The number of Flash Time has always been a lot than

There are only a few peaks brought by the Pan Gaul-Celtic War

Later, it was basically prohibited from doing so

Carthage --- That guy Balka and his Ethiopian little black boy

Syrian-Georia Azer

They are all the consensus


(Nubian and several flaspites in Egypt who occupied the mainstream of the rule of the rule of the rule of the rule of the rule of the rule of the bloody anti -aggression struggle were finally completely eliminated ... Nubia's slaves spread all over the world)

Later, the citizen class and aristocracy were strange in the proportion of the population of the Y chromosome in Italy today Italians are also very strange

in history

The head of the head lamented that the whole of the Roman descendants in Musrein in Italy?

Mosrini lamented that you are not powerful, the special code is the descendants of foreign slaves, thieves and slaves.

It is worth noting

.... The gameplay and lead trade of the Yaipingning Peninsula does not produce lead -noodles and sweetener wines.

(Lead tin ore is the most important strategic material and trade destination bronze in that era to need tin

Lead powder beverages and tableware are luxury, so the more the elite class, the more poisoned the offspring.

(If this conspiracy theory is established, then this accurate killing upper elite class leads to a country's gameplay in a country and religion.)

In the scene of a candle prayer in the American Drama Gaobao Strange Man

Hidden to exempt from the extinction YT people said their nationHave a unique concept of time.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

In the era of glorious bronze, the knowledge of the glorious bronze is more than thousands of years of money than Rome.EssenceEssenceEssenceAnd I can't find any archeological materials for lead in the Middle East and North Africa.EssenceEssenceEssenceso.EssenceEssenceEssenceAbout the decline of Rome, I have some inexplicable doubts about the Milan decree and the slaughter and persecution of the Zeus believers after Christianity

The sadness is that many great leaders and heroes of Rome are deified and have the laws and the temples, such as Caesar, such as Caesar

This is equivalent to the nation's own denying the struggle and bleeding of tens of millions of ancestors to sacrifice Rome.

Human race has changed religion and changed culture

Then the Middle Ages of Christianity and Islam began completely


One more time to mention the A-Rabber Empire has many times and dynasties

And the Crusaders (the main force is the Germans and the Germanic Germans of the Polish-for exampleSaladinWe.EssenceEssenceAt that time, the A 0 Labe military nobles were Kurds (Aga'an)EssenceEssenceEssenceSo look at this war --- Actually ---

A group of Yamilians in Italy in the Italian gang of the Middle Ages who were completely brainwashed in the Middle Ages to attack a group of Flash Micaters ruled by the Yalian.EssenceEssenceEssence

Sometimes many coincidences have begun to doubt whether some possibilities of supernatural and super -recognition have existed

Unfortunately, it really exists.

Tieto secret convert to Y4L teaching Eisenhower secretly believes yt feet

The authors of the currency war went to Egypt to come back.

All the EU's opposition to genetically modified secret reports comes from Upsala's only systematic and open manuscript.

In ancient times, it was the religious center of the Nordic Odin believers.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceUpsra, Sweden

Hug ~ I bubbling again ~ It is also rare messy articles to write. Some people also feel that there are inspirations everyone asking for more questions and asking each other to inspire each other. I have time to do academics


It's really messy, I don't believe in things like genes, I just think that the education of the day after tomorrow is very important.

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You are raising this bars. Which ethnic group cannot have one or two outstanding categories. The knowledge culture needs to be accumulated, and the harsh living environment in Africa cannot provide this demand. Everyone must live.Kurakami knows that he is full of glory and disgrace, and you can think about it when you are full. Black people are brought into modern society by western society. There is no excessive at all, so they do not pay attention to education at all.This is a kind of adaptation in the natural choice. What does it have to do with genes?It is really disgusting as if some people are born with the sin. Think of our Asians, especially the Chinese people who have always been regarded as colored people such as inferiority before the anti -US aid.Discard the hearts of other ethnic groups?Intersection

Do not tear, especially this kind of loopholes that are obviously obvious to find faults and are excuses to tear the correct racism of politics

Speaking of academics:

No matter how much education and training the day after tomorrow, the genetic qualitative qualifications brought by evolution cannot be changed

No matter how strong the climbing athletes, they can't fight

Because they are born with red blood cell density more than twice the other races


Rome 2000 years ago

Somewhere in Africa this century

Politics corrects people blindly empty brain residues

Under specific factors, crazy dog disease will be induced

Look at it

I have seen another answer about prehistoric archeology and fate clues

This election and recent decryption and various in -depth mining

Do you think this is a story?

Ancient things are indeed still deeply related to everything now

Flash Mitter's ancient evil god still tries to slavery and eliminate real humans

PS is far away. I have no experience in the post -knowledge. I have no experience in posting experience. I ’m a bit messy on the Internet. But people who want to come to everyone who wants to come back to the background knowledge should be able to understand.Essence