You will be shocked at the speed of decline in the United States!
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You will be shocked at the speed of decline in the United States!On the fourth day of our exercise, the US warships quietly returned to Japan. The real exercise of the United States forces only lasted for one day, and then hurriedly ended.What is even more explosive is that the Japanese warship had a fire, and we were not sure whether it was an accident or was attacked by other countries.Coupled with North Korea's announcement of underwater nuclear tests and the nuclear torpedo incidents that occurred before, the United States, Japan and South Korea can be said to have been hit by a series of blows!

Today, the United States is no longer the countries that are excellent and dominated by the global technology, military, and economic strength 20 years ago.

So why did American warships hurry back to Japan?

Do you notice the danger signal?Still afraid of North Korea's nuclear torpedo?It is rumored that the FBI received the news that at the beginning of the exercise, the coalition forces suddenly lost information and several ships also suffered severe failures.Look at our exercises again. Are we being performing information suppression and electromagnetic simulation attacks?

In fact, we have long had a plan for the United States, Japan and South Korea's joint military exercises.Faced with the provocation of these paper tigers, our focus is still in the Taiwan Strait area. Unless it is very necessary, we will take the initiative to destroy the situation of peace.

However, there is not much time left in the United States because it has become a hollow country.Although it is impossible to industrialize again, they are just grasshoppers after autumn.They can only use their old advantages to suppress China.The introduction of Huawei Mate 60 proves the ineffective efforts of the United States.I firmly believe that once China starts mass -produced chips, two chip supply chains will appear worldwide.One will be led by the West, and the other will be led by China.

This result may bring serious challenges to the West, because Chinese products are usually cheap, and they will soon occupy huge market share.Therefore, the United States may not imagine that they have created a terrible opponent by themselves.

The reason why the United States dares to create war around the world is because they believe that their homeland will not be attacked.However, China is no longer a country 20 years ago. Our economic and technological strength has improved significantly, and its military strength has also steadily developed.As far as I know, the recently revealed DF51 is not our most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile, but it is already an unlocking existence in the world.

Huang Hai is the doorstep of our house for China.Since ancient times, people have not allowed someone to do it in our bed, which is a blatant provocations to China.

Don't think that war at the door of the Chinese house can be preserved.Once Chinese war machines begin to run, the United States will not bear the consequences.Warfire will spread to all parts of the world. There is no distinction between front and behind. The entire world will become a battlefield. Whether it is the American base in the United States or the local area, our DF missiles will destroy everything relentlessly without leaving any traces.