A woman in Shanghai was smashed by a pendant on Christmas in Shanghai.
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Recently,breaking news website a woman in Shanghai posted that she was injured by the building on Christmas that night.

The pictures released show that a large number of bricks can be seen on the ground in front of the first shop of the second village of Shanghai Jiangchuan. Some medical staff came to handle head wounds for women, and there were blood on the injured women's clothes.

On December 26, the woman stated in the comment area that a total of two people were injured. "The property has contacted us, the feet were swollen, and the needle was smashed.Reimbursement. "
Jiupai news retrieval found that the incident was a commercial street.A shop owner told Jiupai News that the bricks on the roof just fell at the door of the shop, but at the time of the incident, she was not at the scene. She only heard the "哐镗" sound. When she went out, she saw two people squatting on the ground and someone was injured.After the ambulance came, she went to bed in the house. When I opened the door in the morning, I found that the bricks at the door had been cleaned.

"I have done it here for more than ten years, and I encountered this kind of thing for the first time. I am still very scared. People at the door come and go. If there is such a thing, I don't know which one is hurt." She said.

The property involved in the property said that the drop brick was the roof tile, and the wounded had gone to the hospital for examination. "It seems to be a skin trauma."

It said that the staff was checking the tiles from house to house to check whether the tiles were loosened.She suggested that citizens should not walk along the facade. When entering and leaving the shop, they should look up first.

Jiupai News tried to contact the injured woman. As of press time, it was not responded.

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