Zhengzhuang Street, Cao County: Create the "National Defense Education Base and Promotion" to enhance the awareness of national defense
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  Dazhong.com reporter Li Hao Correspondent Dong Liao Cao County Report

  In order to further strengthen national defense awareness and deepen national defense education,实时新闻 recently, Zhengzhuang Street, Cao County has created the National Defense Education Corridor and National Defense Education Base in Zhengzhuang Chuxin Park and the street courtyard.Not only does it add a new highlight, it also creates a defense atmosphere close to the masses.

  The national defense education base and promenade have passed the concepts and information of national defense education through publicity slogans, posters, and equipment display.The shocking pictures, touching words, take everyone to feel the strength of national defense.From the development history of the Chinese People's Liberation Army to the important process of national defense construction, from the revolutionary heroes who donate the country to the famous troops, from the introduction of the military system of our country to modern and powerful national defense forces, the content is easyUnderstand, it can effectively resonate and response from the public, and improve the public's attention and sense of responsibility for national defense education.