(Photos) Beijing mid -axis: The new rhyme of the ancient capital reproduced the magnificent
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  In the winter afternoon,爆料资讯 the heavy snow was sunny.Yang Muqing and her daughter who lived in Yu'er Hutong, Beijing, were enjoying the snow scene outside the house.In the past two years, the protection of the old town alley has made many hutong courtyards, including Yang Muqing's house, more beautiful and livable.In the Jingshan Park not far from the Yuer Hutong, tourists climbed up and viewed, enjoying the magnificent and magnificent of the Ziyan City, and felt the melodious and ancient charm of the Zhong and Drum Tower.On the front door street, tourists from various places linger in front of the old store.Outside the Yongding Men City Tower, the Fuxing high -speed train passed by, and it was embarrassed with the ancient buildings in the distance.

  From the north, the bell and drum tower, the south to Yongdingmen, runs through the old city of Beijing, and the 7.8 -kilometer Beijing central axis has witnessed the vicissitudes of history. It is the soul and backbone of the old city of Beijing.Liang Sicheng, a famous architect, said: "Beijing's unique magnificent order is created by the establishment of this central axis."

  In recent years, Beijing has taken the opportunity to apply for the protection of the middle axis. A number of key cultural relics and ancient buildings have reappeared the historical style after retreating and renovation. The cultural reasons everywhere have once again rejuvenated their vitality to promote the overall protection and rejuvenation of the old city.Along the ridge of this ancient capital, a magnificent and orderly urban space scroll opened slowly.A very vitality mid -axis is telling the world about the new appearance of this ancient capital.

  Economic Daily Reporter Zhao Jing Photography Report

  On November 30, 2021, a row of Fuxing high -speed rail trains passed outside the Yongdingmen City Tower on the central axis in Beijing. Modern transportation and ancient buildings in the distance were reflected.

  On December 12, 2021, readers watched Zhengyangmen Arrow Tower in a bookstore in Beijing Fang's commercial neighborhood.In recent years, Beijing has strengthened the repair and protection of cultural relics in the old city. More than a hundred cultural relics repair projects have been launched one after another, and historical and cultural relics everywhere have once again rejuvenated their vitality.

  On December 13, 2023, Yang Muqing (left), a resident of Yu'er Hutong, Beijing, and her daughter ate sugar gourd and enjoyed the snow scene outside the house.In the past two years, the protection of the old town alley has made many hutong courtyards, including Yang Muqing's house, more beautiful and livable.

  On September 30, 2023, tourists took pictures in Wanchun Pavilion in Jingshan Park, Beijing.During the National Day holiday, the Beijing tourism market continued to be hot, and many attractions on the central axis ushered in the peak of passenger flow.

  On December 11, 2021, tourists shopping on Qianmen Street.Qianmen Street is located in the central axis of Beijing. The shops here are lined, and many old -fashioned brands are brought together.With the development of the times, Qianmen Avenue has become a walking block that integrates the characteristics of Beijing taste and modern vitality, attracting consumer groups from all over the world.

  On December 27, 2023, passengers were preparing to take a bus at the Goldfish Hutong Station in Beijing Metro Line 8.As the traffic artery on the central axis in Beijing, the entire decoration style of Metro Line 8 reflects the design concept of the "door view of the door". There are many cultural landmarks such as drum tower, Shichahai, Qianmen, and flyover along the way.

  On December 14, 2023, citizens enjoyed snow view at Sanlihe Park on the east side of the central axis of Beijing.In recent years, the systematic transformation project has continuously improved the environment along the central axis, attracting many citizens and tourists to experience the inheritance of the context behind the central axis.

  On September 3, 2023, the audience visited the experience booth of the "most beautiful mid -axis" theme booth in the 2023 service.The booth combines art and technology through immersive experience space, allowing the audience to be there to feel the charm of the axis in the number of numbers.

  On December 10, 2021, citizens practiced ice hockey in the Bell and Drum Tower Square in Beijing.After renovation and rectification, it has become an important place for citizens to leisure and fitness.