In response to the United States announced the establishment of the escort league Hussen armed forces, it would aim at a national ship that had taken action to take action
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On the 19th, Ali Hussean, a senior official of the Hascean armed armed armed armed forces, said that as a response to the United States announced the establishment of the so -called escort alliance, the Hussean armed forces will aim at all vessels against their countries.Some British scholars have criticized that the "militaryization" of the United States in the Red Sea is short -term thinking and full of risks.

In an interview with the Iranian flag television station on the 19th, the Yamen Hassy armed official Ali Hussean said on the 19th that which country will be targeted at the Organization's attack target for the Organization.He criticized the US coalition forces led by the United States "another attack on the Palestinian people", but "worthless" because the United States rejected the resolution of the Gaza ceasefire in the Security Council has "lost the United States' respect for the world."

The Middle East country responded to the establishment of the escort alliance

Although the US Minister of Defense Austin claims to establish the so -called escort alliance to jointly respond to the security challenges of the southern Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the relevant Middle East countries have few responses.As of now, only Barin has participated in this operation.Vakil, the director of the Middle East and North Africa Projects of the London Institute of International Affairs Think Tank, said: "For most Arab countries, this is a moment that makes them extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing.Destroy or support the cruel strategy of Israel. "

British expert: "Militaryization" of Red Sea

The head of the Institute of Export and International Trade, Malco Furn, directly criticized that the "militaryization" of the Red Sea is unsustainable and full of potential risks.

Malco Fukigoen, head of the Institute of Export and International Trade: I think in the long run, militaryization does not have sustainability and no major risks.As I said, this is a narrow and crowded place, and sending navy to escort is likely to wipe the gun and get angry.

UN official: consumers may swallow bitter fruit

UN officials said that if the crisis continues, it may lead to rising commodity prices, and this bitter fruit will be paid by consumers.

Huffman, head of the United Nations Trade and Development Conference Trade Logistics: If the situation of the Red Sea continues, it will eventually affect the price of goods we buy in the store.