Gold Time · World Gold Association report shows that the social and economic contribution of the gold mining industry has contributed huge results to quantify the practice of ESG
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In 2021, the World Gold Association released the "Report on the Contribution of Social and Economy" (hereinafter referred to as the report of the gold mining industry "(hereinafter referred to as the report).A quantitative data association with economic and social effects.In 2023, the World Gold Association updated the data in the report.

The report pointed out that gold ore mining operations are geographically diversified and are usually located in areas where existing infrastructure or small replacement of economic activities.If this work is promoted responsibly, the mining of gold mines can play an important role in promoting the social and economic development of its host country.

The updated data update quantifies the direct social and economic contributions of the 30 World Gold Association member companies in 2022.Data show that by 2022, a member company of the World Gold Association directly contributed a total of 57.7 billion US dollars to the host economy.These include US $ 38.3 billion in domestic suppliers, $ 10.1 billion in employee wages, and US $ 9.3 billion to the government.In addition, in 2022, it also donated $ 570 million in local communities and indigenous groups in 34 business countries.By 2022, members of the World Gold Association directly hired more than 207,000 employees and 156,000 contractors.Each member company makes 95%of employees from operating the host country by working hard to train and develop local skills.

The report believes that the contribution of the gold mining industry to the economy is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the direct economic contribution.The second is the contribution of the industrial chain.The third is to promote investment and economic growth.The fourth is to increase government income.Fifth, help economic transformation.Sixth is to help improve people's livelihood.The gold mining industry not only provides a source of income for the local country, but also improves the local people's livelihood through investment and education.In addition, the gold mining industry, as a labor -intensive industry, can provide a lot of employment opportunities.With the advancement of technology and industrial upgrading, the employment structure of the gold mining industry is also constantly optimizing, and it has gradually transformed from traditional physical labor to technology and management positions.This transformation can not only improve the quality of employment, but also cultivate more high -quality talents for local.

ESG practice is inseparable from the contribution of quantification results

The results of ESG practice need to be quantified to prove.In the past, although many companies had done a lot of work, due to the lack of quantitative data, social and professional audiences had doubts about their actual results.This report from the World Gold Association has made people intuitively see the efforts and results of Gold Mining in ESG through the data of ESG.

In the report, through a large amount of data and cases, the World Gold Association explained the efforts and achievements of the gold mining industry in terms of environment, society and governance.These results are not only reflected in the company's daily operations, but also extended to various aspects such as community development, environmental protection and corporate governance.Taking the environment as an example, the report mentioned the specific data and cases of gold mining in reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, and protecting biodiversity.These quantitative data not only prove the actual action of gold mining in environmental protection, but also reveal its results and influence in practice.These quantitative data also allows people to more objectively evaluate the contribution of gold mining to the environment.Through comparison with industry standards, people can clearly see the advantages and deficiencies of gold mining in environmental protection, so as to provide a reference for further improvement.

Similarly, in terms of society, the report introduces the practice and achievements of gold mining in community development, employee welfare, security, etc. in detail.Through quantitative data, people can intuitively see the practical actions and effects of gold mining in improving employee benefits and improving safety levels.These quantitative data will not only help improve the sense of social responsibility of gold mining enterprises, but also help improve their image and reputation in investors and consumers.At the same time, these data can also provide reference to other companies, encouraging more companies to explore and innovate in ESG practice.

The importance of quantitative ESG contribution is to provide objective data support to prove the company's efforts and results in ESG practice.This helps improve the company's sense of social responsibility and reputation, and can also provide reference and revelation for other companies.

To gradually build the gold industry ecological chain

At the 2023 China (Boao) International Gold Market Annual Conference, the World Gold Association CFO Terry Heymann also delivered a speech on related matters.He emphasized the importance of ESG practice to the gold mining industry, and introduced the specific content and quantitative ESG contribution of the World Gold Association.At the same time, he also shared the plans and goals of the World Gold Association in promoting ESG practice.

In addition, He Tairui also mentioned some specific plans and goals of the World Gold Association in promoting ESG practice.He said that the association will actively cooperate with all parties to jointly formulate more scientific and comprehensive ESG evaluation standards and methods to better and fairly evaluate the sustainable development level of the gold mining industry.At the same time, the association will actively guide industry companies to strengthen its ESG practice, and promote industry enterprises to adopt more clean and more efficient energy and technologies to reduce the impact and risks on the environment.

In the subsequent ESG round table conversation, many experts from the gold industry conducted in -depth discussions on the difficulties and challenges in ESG practice, and put forward some specific suggestions and measures to strengthen international cooperation, promote clean energy and technology, etc., so as to promote clean energy and technology, etc.Further promote the sustainable development of the gold mining industry.Strengthen international cooperation and jointly formulate more scientific and more complete ESG evaluation standards and methods.At the same time, industry companies have strengthened their own data transparency and disclosed their own environmental impact and risk data in order to better evaluate their own sustainable development level.The release of the World Gold Association and its publicity and discussion at the World Gold Market Annual Conference shows the importance of ESG practice in the gold mining industry.With the continuous development and change of the market, more gold mining companies have begun to recognize the importance of ESG practice and incorporate them into the corporate strategy.

In the future, with the in -depth advancement of ESG practice, the World Gold Association looks forward to seeing more gold mining companies explore and innovate in practice, making greater contributions to sustainable development.At the same time, the World Gold Association also looks forward to more organizations and institutions to participate in this field to jointly promote the sustainable development of the gold mining industry.

(Author: Zhao Chenyang, a reporter from China Golden Daily)

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