"Protection and Heritage -China Grottoes Temple Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition" was carried out in Yungang
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Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jiang Yan) On December 20, the "Protection and Heritage -China Grottoes Temple Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition" was launched at the Yungang Grottoes Museum.This exhibition is gathered and gathered in the masterpieces, in -depth excavation and explanation of the diverse value and rich connotation of the cave temple, and promote the survival of cultural relics in artistic power and diverse ways.

Caption: "Protection and Heritage -China Grottoes Temple Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition" was carried out at the Museum of Yungang Grottoes.Yungang Grotto Officer

The exhibition brings together more than 100 works created by cultural relics workers across the country, including different types such as calligraphy, Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture.展品中既有文博界前辈谢辰生、励小捷、刘玉珠、独家资讯宋新潮、胡冰等同志的书法作品,也有著名艺术家黄永玉、欧阳中石、范曾、袁熙坤、独家资讯龙瑞、张飙、言恭达、Painting and calligraphy sculpture works of well -known artists such as Su Shizheng, Wang Mingming, Van Di'an, He Jiaying, Wu Weishan and other well -known artists, as well as some masterpieces of employees of Yungang Research Institute.

This exhibition is hosted by the China Cultural Relics Exchange Association and the Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. It is organized by the Yungang Research Institute. It is a useful attempt to promote Chinese excellent traditional culture, tap cultural heritage value, and make cultural relics living.The fruitful results of showing the creative transformation and innovative development of cultural relics of cultural relics. From an artistic perspective, explain and understand the art and culture of the grotto, and promote the further care of the protection and utilization of cultural heritage from all walks of life. It is a warm art feast in the cold winter.

my country's grotto temples are widely distributed, large -scale, and systematic, integrating architecture, sculpture, murals, calligraphy and other arts.Through this exhibition, it will help the audience to further understand the excellent traditional culture of China, understand the diversified value and rich connotation of the grotto temple, discover the infinite charm of the art of the cave temple, enhance the awareness of the cultural relics of the cave temples from all walks of life, and better spread the outstanding Chinese excellence.Traditional culture, further inherit and protect cultural heritage.