2023 Tourism market looks back
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Time flies,独家资讯 and it is quiet in 2024.In 2023, did you travel?Do some memories on the journey make you unforgettable?

In 2023, it is a year when the economic recovery and development of the new crown epidemic is resumed after the new crown epidemic. It is an unusual year for the tourism industry.The major scenic spots reproduce the crowds of crowds. The "fireworks" of many urban neighborhoods are rising. Numerous people have stepped out of the house again, went to the distance to see the poetic beauty, enjoy the beautiful life during the journey, and the tourism industry recovered strongly.Behind this is the concentrated release of tourists who have long accumulated tourism, and it is also the unimportant intention of tourists to seize opportunities to promote the development of the industry.The vigorous vitality of the tourism industry has become a vivid embodiment of China's strong economic toughness, potential, and energetic.

1 Popularity on holidays and long -term tours re -become the mainstream

"During the Mid -Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, our family went to Hainan for vacation together. I haven't played so well for a long time." Ms. Li in Beijing talked about the travel life in 2023 and still felt full of memories and emotions.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

Tourists are playing at Tianshan Tianchi International Ski Resort, Fukang City, Xinjiang.Xinhua News Agency

In 2023, from the "opening of the door" during the Spring Festival holiday to the popular "May 1st" holiday, from the lively and extraordinary summer to the Mid -Autumn Festival "Super Golden Week", every holiday, there are popular travel events in many places.Higher market data is new, making people more confident.The tourism industry enters the "fast track" that has returned to growth.

"The tourism economy has gone out of a three -year trough, and has gone through a rapid recovery of a year, and is about to usher in a new stage of prosperity and development. With the effectiveness of a series of consumption policies, the tourism economy has opened high, accelerates, accelerates, accelerates, and accelerates.Back to heating. "Dai Bin, the dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, pointed out that in 2023, the number of domestic tourists traveling, tourist revenue, tourist average travel distance, average residence long time, etc.It exceeds the level of the same period in 2019.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

Visitors interact with sika deer in the Forest Forest Scenic Area, Alishan City, Inner Mongolia.Xinhua News Agency

"The tourism market in 2023 can indeed be described as hot." Du Jiang, deputy minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, lamented that "In the first three quarters of 2023, domestic tourism reached 3.67 billion people, and tourism revenue was 3.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 75 year -on -year increased by 75 respectively.%, 114%. The demand for the tourism of residents is concentrated, and the travel of residents' travel has increased significantly. While driving the expansion of relevant consumption, it has also promoted economic recovery. "

In 2023, people's travel distance and destination recreational radius significantly expanded, and long -term tourism became the mainstream. Go to the island vacation to enjoy a pleasant leisure life.... The data provided by the Ctrip platform show that as of the end of 2023, the number of domestic tourism orders increased by 140%year -on -year, and the number of cross -provincial tourism orders increased by 113%year -on -year, accounting for more than 47%.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

Visitors are leisure in open -air ice rinks at Marco Polo Plaza, Tianjin Italian Style.Xinhua News Agency

Not only that, the reasons for tourists to choose a tourist destination are also more diverse.Go to eat an authentic barbecue, listen to a concert, and go to see the net red panda. They have become a reason to go to a destination.Tourists' way of travel is also more diverse. Some people visit the story of a city with urban strolling and "special forces" tourism methods. Some people live in rural homestays and enjoy leisure vacation "slow life".

2 Outbound travel rapidly restores the trend of diversification of consumption, prominent

Near the end of 2023, the good news of the outbound tour is exciting -on December 1, Malaysia's convenient measures for visa -free visas within 30 days of implementation of Chinese citizens were implemented.In December, Singapore also announced that it plans to implement a 30 -day visa with China for 30 days.As early as September, after Thailand's five -month -old visa -free policy was released, Thailand's tourism search volume increased significantly.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

Tourists in national clothing experience in Nanning Automobile Camp exhibition area in Guangxi.Xinhua News Agency

These news released signals that Chinese tourists welcomed Chinese tourists, and ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists to travel out of the country.The reporter learned from a travel agency that the number of tourists who recently consulted Southeast Asian tourism routes have increased significantly."Southeast Asian countries have a suitable climate and have been very popular. The visa -free policy saves a tedious visa process, which also makes people more willing to travel to these places." The staff of the travel agency said.

In 2023, the global tourism industry recovered, and Chinese tourists were ushered in again around the world.On February 6, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the first batch of national lists of trials to restore travel agencies and online tourism companies to operate outbound team tourism and "air tickets+hotels" business;The trial outbound team has increased to 138 countries and regions.

The team travel business has resumed, and the visa -free policies of many countries' tourism visa to China have implemented, which has promoted the rapid recovery of the outbound tourism market.According to the data provided by Ctrip, as of December 26, the number of orders for outbound travel in 2023 increased by 5 times year -on -year.Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Indonesia are popular outbound travel countries.According to the Tuniu data, during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival in 2024, the outbound tourism products in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Northern Europe and other directions were hot, and the direction of Southeast Asia has remained higher than the hot tour.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

The winter tourism market heats up, and tourists are playing in the Great East China Sea Scenic Area in Sanya, Hainan.

The industry believes that in 2024, the outbound tourism market will usher in more room for growth.The "Prospective of the Trend of the Trend of the 2024 Chinese Residents' Outbound Tour" released by Tongcheng Travel believes that in 2024, the outbound tour will accelerate with the improvement of the supply side and the increase in consumer confidence.At the same time, the diversified trend of residents' outbound tourism consumption will be more prominent. Traditional markets such as group tour, high -end custom -made tourism and emerging outbound shopping tours, and housing will further consolidate their own target markets.With the integration of outbound tourism, tourism vacation and concerts, sports events, medical and health, etc., more new outbound tourism gameplay will be popular in 2024.

"The international civil aviation market may become the focus of the growth of the civil aviation industry in 2024." Zhao Nan, director of the development of the airline industry, said that with the further recovery of international flights, the demand for passenger travel has gradually released, and the number of international civil aviation passengers has shown a steady upward trend.

3 The trend of fierce cultural tourism integration in the museum is even more prominent

"All will be over in the next 7 days" "Tens of thousands of tickets in seconds" ... In the summer of 2023, the reservation scenes of museums in various places are still in memory.The National Museum and the Palace Museum are "difficult to find". Henan Museum and Shaanxi History Museum are full of every day. On weekends and holidays, more and more people choose to visit the museum and watch exhibitions to learn about a period of history and culture.

"The museum is a window to understand a city. Every time I go to travel, I will visit the local museum to understand the story that has happened." Li Mo, a junior student in Nanjing, said that as a museum enthusiast, he also explained at the Nanjing Museum.Volunteers, the popularity of the museum in 2023 surprised and made him very excited.

2023 The tourism market looks back -strong recovery is more vitality

Fangde, Zhejiang, villagers participated in the Dragon Boat race in Xixi.

"Wenbo's tourism is hot, confirming people's love for history and culture, deepening the recognition of traditional Chinese culture. Exploring the enthusiasm of a city and discovering the historical stories behind cultural relics, prompting people, especially young people to enter the museum and experience the profound Chinese nation.Historical heritage. "Qiao Xiangjie, a professor at the School of Tourism, Beijing Union University, pointed out that at present, many cultural venues have enriched the historical and cultural connotation of static cultural relics with a diversified and three -dimensional presentation."Get up, it also makes Volkswagen's more cultural flavor.

In recent years, the "fancy" cultural and creative products launched by museums in various places have become the "opening method" of museums that are more popular with young people.The "Archaeological Blind Box" launched by the Henan Museum, the "Matsnut Feiyan" doll of the Gansu Museum, the bronze villain of the Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan, playing mahjong ornaments ... The popular museum cultural and creative, adding popularity to the museum tour.

Today, the trend of cultural and tourism integration is further prominent.Whether you walk into the museum, understand the story behind the cultural relics, or visit the cultural relics, and feel the mark of historical culture, it has become a popular new fashion.The "2023 Tourism Big Data Report" released by the Malaysia Honeycomb shows that in 2023, the cultural landscape and cultural heritage are favored.Global tourists, with the increasing demand for travelers in deep cultural experience, these cities with both historical depth and cultural richness have become hotspots in the tourism market.

4 Sports Traveling into Highlights to Release Leisure Consumption is greater potential

The cold winter cannot stop people's passion for travel.Recently, the tourists from all over the place are endless. Young people are indulgent on the ski road. The children practice carefully under the leadership of the coach. In the ice and snow sports, the children fully feel the romantic winter ice and snow journey.

A few days ago, the State General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released the "Following the Race to Travel" Catalog. Various rich events such as skiing, skating skating, and ice hockey professional league attracted the enthusiasts of ice and snow competitions to make a special trip.Earlier, the two departments also launched the "Traveling with the Race" the youth sports event catalog, including the Football League, the highway bicycle championship, and track and field competitions.

In 2023, various types of events continued to bring a lot of traffic to cities and villages.The time returned to the summer, and a "village super" and "village BA" that came out of the circle ignited the sports passion of countless people.Many tourists came to the place of the event and joined the fiery atmosphere of rural events. In addition to watching the game, they enjoyed landscapes, foods, and folk performances.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, 20 million tourists rushed to Hangzhou to experience the charm of scenic spots such as Qiandao Lake and Hangzhou West Lake at the same time.The holding of the World College Student Games allows the "Capital of Leisure" to present in front of the world. Tourists from all over the world embarked on the streets of Chengdu to experience the city's enthusiasm and friendliness.

From local competitions to the Winter Olympics, Asian Games, and Grand Games, with the increase in the attention of the public's attention to sports events, the "sports+tourism" driving effect is obvious.Not only that, sports events have also inspired tourists' enthusiasm for sports. In 2023, experience sports such as gliding umbrellas, skiing, hiking, diving, mountaineering, etc. in various places became the "new favorite" of tourists.

"Incorporating sports elements into cultural tourism, it attracted Volkswagen tourists to watch or participate in sports activities in destinations, reflecting the attention of people's attention to health, health care after the epidemic, and the vigorous needs of young people for outdoor sports and health." Qiao XiangjiejieIt is pointed out that under the strong needs of the public's experience in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, diversification and personalized tourism experience, future sports and tourism will be more deeply integrated and innovate new formats and products.