Don't seek Jinshan Yinshan, but seek health and peace!Broadcast article
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It is Express information websitea year of peace,

Looking at this year,

Evil resistance, natural disasters and human disasters,

Everyone's heart is frightened.

These things make us understand,

The greatest wealth in this life,

Not much money in your pocket,

It's not how high the social status is,

But family and yourself are healthy!

Thank you for your understanding,

The greatest happiness in life,

It's not Jinshan Yinshan, but healthy and safe!

You never know,

Who will come first and accidental first;

We can't predict what happened tomorrow,

What can do is to cherish today.

Since there is no ability to predict the future,

Why not cherish the present?

Taking advantage of good health nowadays,

Go more to see the mountains and rivers, lakes and sea, birds and flowers;

Taking advantage of life, enjoy,

Experience the music of the world, April Fangfei.

Real happiness is,

No matter how the world changes,

Intimate people will always be with their side;

No matter how the four seasons rotate,

The family spends every day rising and falls;

No matter how time flies,

Ping An and Health often accompany you and me.

House, car, ticket,

Everything is outside the body,

Life does not bring to death or take it,

Only safe, healthy, happy, happy,

It is really your own feelings!

People are alive,

Be sure to understand this truth:

Health can enjoy life better,

Safe can make people feel happy.

As for the changes in the world, the warmth and warmth,

With the change of time, it is changing,

Don't use these as a belief in life.

If you feel tired, take a break,

If you feel tired, close your eyes,

Do not cut the firewood by the knife,

There are more than 30,000 days in life,

Proper relaxation is to move forward better!

Learn the pressure in your heart,

Human tolerance is limited,

Don't worry about any troubles;

There are more pressure, and there are more troubles, so there are more troubles,

There are more troubles, and there are naturally less happiness!

We are learning to be relieved in this life,

A lot of truths clearly understand,

But when you encounter something, you don't understand,

Always love to drill the horns, and I can't live with myself.

I feel when I have a few

Think about it,

Is the body healthy and the family is harmonious?

How many people can't ask for something,

You can easily have it,

Why is it not an envy of others.

People can only see the brightness of others,

Can't reconcile with your own,

Sometimes ordinary attitude is also an attitude.

Life is flat,

It is best not to have any waves,

Enjoy three meals and four seasons with people who love,

It's the greatest happiness of life!

I would like to see you in this article,

The rest of the life is happy,

Don't always envy others,

Keep your own one acre and three points;

Life is my own,

It's better to be good;

Jinshan Yinshan is not as good as Ping An!

The rest of my life is not long, please cherish every day,