Himalayan released the eight major listening trends in the audio world, announced the content IP plan of 2024
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Pinecuo Finance News,First-line information website on December 20th, Himalayan's "Voice Night -Annual Conference and Peak Book Awards Ceremony" was held in Beijing. Fu Haibo, senior vice president of Himalayan, released the eight major listening trends of the audio world at the scene, revealing the revealYoung people use voices to create new trends such as spiritual comfort.

Fu Haibo introduced in his speech that the eight major listening trends include: 32.68%of listening scenes such as audio users out, walking, driving, etc., and 9.1 million users read "universities" through audio in Himalayan.Listen to "film and television dramas to be broadcast in 2024. Humanities and Chinese studies have increased by 20.2%throughout the year. Psychological, philosophy and other contents exceed 150 million. The new users of health content increased by 119%, and the monthly accompanying more than 35 millionChildren grow.

It is worth noting that Li Xingren, Vice President of Himalayan, introduced the "Himalayan 2024 Content IP Plan" at the meeting.The sound content of many boutiques such as the Holy Return "and" Curiosity "will meet with the audience next year.