Beixin Road Bridge obtains the patent of the hanging tendon device, and realizes the repetitive use of the sidewalk for the suspension tendons
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According to the news of the financial industry on December 25,特快资讯 2023, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, Xinjiang Beixin Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd. obtained a "one type of hanging tendon" with the authorized announcement number CN220223238U with the application date in May 2023.

Patent abstract shows that the new utility model provides a hanging tendon, which belongs to the field of construction construction technology.The suspension device includes hanging tendons, spiral horizontal rods, connecting sleeves and hooks. The hanging tendons have external threads, and a suspension ring is set on one end of the suspension ribs;One end of the ring; the hook is located at the end of the suspended rib away.Among them, the connection sleeve is matched with the suspender thread, and the connecting sleeve is connected to the hook. Based on this, after construction, the suspension ribs can be removed by rotating the hanging tendons to get rid ofAs a result, repetitive use.Or, the connection sleeve is fixed with the suspension tendons, and the connection sleeve and the hook thread are matched. Based on this, after construction, you can rotate the hanging ribs, connect the sleeve and the hook away from it, and then smooth the suspenders and the suspender tendons smoothly.Repeat the connection sleeve to achieve repetitive use.