"Regenerative Art" was rated by 2023CSR Global Innovation List Excellent Case
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December 20th

"Entry with green and promote high -quality development"

2023CSR Global Innovation List Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony

It is successfully held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

Experts gathered to witness innovation forces, and discuss green development together

Guangdong Green League Public Welfare Foundation"Regeneration art"charitable projects

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2023CSR Global Innovation List

At the moment when the global sustainable development process has stagnated or even retreat, it is necessary to seek more innovative solutions.There is no shortcut about human survival and future exploration.为发掘和鼓励各行各业的可持续发展创新解决方案,2023CSR环球创新榜由CSR环球联合羊城晚报发起,独家资讯聚焦低碳环保与可持续发展,Best replica sneakers独家资讯涵盖资源节约、清洁能源、循环经济、replica Jordan sneakers环境治理、生态In the fields of protection, representative sustainable development practice projects are selected.

"Regenerative art" public welfare project

The items are discarded after being used by humans, the life of the sentence is over, and is renamed garbage. Through cleaning and transportation, it is transferred to places invisible in human daily life.However, they do not disappear because of this, and they have always existed on the other side of life and the other end of the city.In recent years, my country has been actively promoting the classification of garbage and no -waste cities. The work is from point to face, gradual launch, and initial results.

Against such a context, the Guangdong Green League Public Welfare Foundation launched the "regeneration art" public welfare project in November 2022, which aims toUse waste to create large -scale art installations and exhibit in public places to awaken the public's low -carbon environmental protection awareness."Regenerative Art" is also a kind of perspective that views garbage and the world. Everything has never disappeared and everything can be renewed.

existIn less than a year, "Regenerative Art" has been linking18The institution covers the participation of diversified subjects such as the government, enterprises, villages, schools, parks, and social organizations.4 games"Regenerative Art" activity, output7 largeRegenerative art device, the number of people directly participatesOver 300,get56 reports include 3 times to study strong nations and 1 central mediaEssence

Pingsha Island "Regenerative Art"

Breeding, reincarnation, fisherman, natural container

Pingsha Island, Xiqiao Town, Foshan City, has the artistic conception of paradise, and has also attracted the visit of a large number of tourists around.At the same time, it is also accompanied by troubles.The arrival of more and more tourists has brought a lot of garbage to this island that is still in the early days of tourism development.This not only affects the development of the local ecological tourism industry, but also affects the living environment of residents.With the support and participation of diversified subjects such as local village committees, villagers, villagers, farms, social workers, volunteers, and art teams, combined with local historical culture and regional characteristics, using the River on the River River on Pingsha Island, Plastic bottle, etc., created 4 large -scale recycled art devices, named it "Breeding", "Reincarnation", "Fisherman", and "Natural Container".

Pingsha Island "Regenerative Art"

Old man and island

Based on the success of "breeding", "reincarnation", "fisherman", and "natural container", the local village committee and Xiangxian once again invited us to combine the garbage problems of Pingsha Island and the problem of hollowing old age.The dead wood and driftwood created "the elderly and the island", calling on the young people to care for the elderly and their hometown to develop.

Guangdong Country Garden School "Regenerative Art"


With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, in addition to domestic planting, many landscape trees are transferred from abroad, and even transsing precious trees species for thousands of years. However, due to long -distance operation, it will cause risk of death in trees.In order to advocate the gifts of cherishing trees and gratitude and nature, with the participation and support of the Guangdong Country Garden School, the Volunteer Group of the Family Committee, and the parent -child family, we jointly use the hundreds of years of olive tree creation of olive trees to create regeneration art devices.For "new life".

Foshan Mandarin Park "Regenerating Art"


The "regeneration art" public welfare activity was held in Foshan Mandarin Park, using garden waste to create large "regenerative art" devices, and for one month.The device is named "Symbol", consisting of "1+4" cube. The small cube is red, blue, green, and yellow, which represents the government, enterprises, social organizations, and the public.The large cube in the center is colorful, consisting of four colors of red, blue, green, and yellow. The large cube is also wrapped in a green buds twisted from a branch.The entire device vividly shows the necessary soil and space environment for the government, enterprises, social organizations, and the public for the cycle regeneration of garden waste.The state, implying that it will eventually be green and benefit humanity.

After the "budding" art device was supported by the public exhibition in the Wenhua Park of Foshan, it was also supported by the Binhe Park of Gaoming District."Walk" in the crowd and really live.